How to Connect Kodak Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know how to connect Kodak printer to wifi. I am facing some issue while connecting Kodak printer to wifi network. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Connect Kodak Printer to WiFi:

Are you wondering about the solution to connect Kodak printer to Wi-Fi? If yes, then here you get the correct answer. Although it now seems like a regular thing, that few printers do wireless printing. Kodak, however, creates some more excellent versions of Bluetooth-operated all-in-one printers.

It connects to printing from a printer more straightforward for many computers in a home office than the one with the old mass of wires. Kodak wireless printers can be essential tasks, like all computer peripherals, though.

Here are Two Techniques for Connect Kodak Printer to WiFi -

Check to ensure there is a wireless card installed on your device. If there is no wireless gadget mounted on your computer, you can use a "dongle" on a USB port, but it does not always function correctly.

Sometimes, it won't be easy to re-establish the wireless connection upon startup by shutting down the computer. You can install a Wifi PCI card to make your computer available for wireless connections if you have a desktop computer with PCI card slots.

  • Use your default gateway IP to open your router Setup page and enter your username and password. Click on OK.
  • Click on the printer server on the left-hand side of the printer server setup.
  • On the onboard printer server, press Activate.
  • Enter the name of your printer and the model number and press Save and submit.
  • Close the browser. Follow any guidance now.

Technique 1- By TCP/IP Socket

Step 1: Click Start

Step 2: Go To printers and devices.

Step 3: Click to add a printer and then click.

Step 4: Click on the Add Local Printer tab.

Step 5: To build a new port, you can choose.

Step 6: Select the default TCP/IP port now,

Step 7: Select next.

Step 8: Choose the device sort, then automatically detect or pick the TCP/IP device.

Step 9: Now type your computer's IP address, the IP address or hostname.

Step 10: You may search your IP address by using cmd and ipconfig in cmd form.

Step 11: You can see your IP address clicking Enter.

Step 12: Next, click.

Step 13: Now you can see your manufacturer's printer list there. Select the brand name of your printer and now choose Model No.

Step 14: If your printer model number is not available, then click on Windows Update.

Step 15: Click on the next star.

Technique 2 - Bluetooth or Wireless

Step 1: Click Start Click

Step 2: Go To printers and devices.

Step 3: Click to add a printer, then click.

Step 4: Select the Connect Wireless or Bluetooth Printer Network button.

Step 5: It searches for a wireless printer on your network.

Step 6: Only click on the printer and then click Next.

Step 7: The pop-up will appear on the machine where the printer is mounted.

Step 8: Offer your printer a name, then click Next.

Step 9: If you want to share your printer with another laptop, you can make adjustments by pressing the next button if you do not wish to share your printer. As your default printer, render.

Step 10: Now, to verify your connection connected to your printer, click on the print test tab.

Step 11: Select the finish.

If your printer does not connect Kodak printer to Wi-Fi, right-click and click troubleshoot on your printer. The link between your printer and laptop will fix the issue.

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