How to Find the Printer on Your Network in Windows 10?

Please let me know how to find the printer on your network in Windows 10. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Find the Printer on Your Network in Windows 10:

It frequently needs help locating a printer on a network when trying to establish a connection. But it can also happen if you try to utilize a wireless printer to which you are already connected. When searching, the printer won't appear in the list of compatible printers and devices.

Reasons Why a Printer Cannot Be Found on a Network

The printer being offline is the most frequent and simple fix for this problem. However, many additional factors, such as the following, could also be the problem:

  • Windows settings were disabled.
  • The homegroup still needs to include the printer.
  • The printer's network connection needs to be set up properly.
  • Updates are necessary.
  • The network has problems.

How to Address Printer Not Found on Network

A reboot may be all that is necessary to fix the problem. If this prevents you from connecting, the best actions to take are to check your settings, install updates, and verify for network issues.

Find the Printer on Your Network in Windows 10. The installation of updates on your Windows PC can require some waiting. Restarting your Windows computer and the printer frequently resolves odd connection problems.

Restart both your modem and router. Another way to fix basic network connectivity issues is by doing this.

For advice on updating your printer's firmware, consult the manufacturer. Look through the printer's menu settings to find a way to upgrade the hardware. Install and download any updated firmware for the printer that is found. The printer may need to be restarted after this procedure.

Download and apply any Windows updates that are accessible. Permit the system to restart if requested. Continue until you receive a message stating that there are no updates available. Then print a test page.

Windows printer drivers need to be updated. Most of the time, the manufacturer's website will have the most recent drivers for your device. For instance, Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP offer device drivers online. Periodically, certain manufacturers provide updates to address issues, boost performance, or strengthen security.

To resolve various connection issues with certain devices, update the firmware on your router. In many circumstances, inputting your router's network address in a browser will allow you to visit the router administration page. You should make configuration adjustments to fix your network printer problem if restarting and updating your devices don't work.

In the administrative settings of your printer, choose several network connection techniques. Try establishing a Bluetooth or WiFi direct connection if you frequently have trouble connecting to a printer through your WiFi network. Wired networks (such as Ethernet), Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi Direct, and Apple's AirPrint are just a few possible connection options. Verify that network printing options are enabled in your printer's settings.

On your router, you might also enable universal plug-and-play options. Once more, this parameter can be found in the router's administrative settings. Frequently, this is just a checkbox option that is either selected or disabled. If plug-and-play is enabled, your printer and Windows system may connect across your network more quickly.

Join your WiFi network on your home network, then set up Windows to treat it as a "private" network. These will simplify it for devices connected to "see" one another, including your printer and Windows system.


How is a Printer Connected to WiFi?

Please turn on your printer before attempting to connect it to WiFi. Look at the instructions for your particular device to learn how to connect the printer to the wireless network.

Turning on the machine and establishing a network connection using the printer interface or a companion app on your computer or mobile device are normally straightforward procedures.

How can a Printer be Connected to a Windows Laptop?

First, confirm that the printer has WiFi before connecting it to a Windows laptop wirelessly. Type "printer" into Windows Search to find it. Then click Add a printer or scanner under Printers & Scanners. Add a device after choosing your printer.

When Your Printer is Not Working, How do You Fix It?

Try plugging it in and turning it on if your printer isn't working, or restart your computer. Additionally, you could update the driver, reboot the printer, verify the network connection's status, remove it, and reinstall the printer.

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