How to Fix a 13.20 Error on an HP Laserjet 9000 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix a 13.20 error on an hp laserjet 9000 printer. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.

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Fix a 13.20 Error on an HP Laserjet 9000 Printer:

Are you searching for an easy guide to fix a 13.20 error on an HP Laserjet 9000 printer? Well, this is not a difficult process as once you are familiar with the instructions, you can do it by yourself. Most people have a query about how to fix a 13.20 error on an HP Laserjet 9000 printer as they receive message for any jams in the area of the printer top cover. This happens at least 1­-2 times while the device is getting used. This is absolutely not a big issue to resolve as it can be fixed with a little time and patience.

If you are really thinking about how to fix a 13.20 error on an HP Laserjet 9000 printer, then you need to know one thing. This fatal error is the after result of the installation process of an unsuitable fuser or blockage in any sensor. Some of the key reasons causing this problem include a paper jam or even the cover for the pickup roller getting misplaced, jamming for the printer trays and more.

Quick Steps to Fix a 13.20 Error on an HP Laserjet 9000 Printer

Step 1: Firstly, inspect the paper jams inside your device. Get all the paper debris or pieces removed if they are occurring in the path of the paper within the printer in question. If required, you can also inspect for any paper jams by checking the sensor for pre-feed. However, if this step does not suitably work, you can move onto the next one.

Step 2: Next, remove the paper tray from your HP device and likewise you can also remove the toner cartridge.

Step 3: Check and verify if there is a free movement of the paper within the sensor. In case the movement is restricted, you can get the same adjusted.

Step 4: If the printer assembly for paper-feed has been replaced by you, then you must inspect for proper movement of the pre-feed flag for sensors. The sensor movements can be checked by you right at the top of the sensor on the page. You can even check whether the installation is done properly or not for the pre-feed sensor.

Step 5: Next, you need to zero in on the sensor for the fuse and check if there is any jam. If you find any lodged papers here, then get if removed softly and carefully.

Step 6: Additionally, you can replace the DC Controller PCA, which might fix the problem.

Step 7: Thereafter, get the toner cartridge and paper tray removed before getting the hold of the paper-width cardboard. This step will push right past the rollers for realignment. Here, the cardboard piece must be retained throughout the device slots and only stopped when you can access the cavity on the top.

Step 8: At last, carefully remove the cardboard from the cavity at the bottom of the printer. Meanwhile, the paper tray and the cartridge will get repositioned back into the place occupied by it.

Finally, you can restart the printer once again. All these above-mentioned steps will surely help you to fix a 13.20 error on an HP Laserjet 9000 printer without any hassles.

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