How to Fix Black Ink Not Working on HP Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix black ink not working on hp printer. When i am trying to print with black ink in hp printer then it's not working. Help me.

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Fix HP Printer not Printing Black Ink:

HP printer is the most reliable printer nowadays and printer industry has widely accepted this HP printer. HP printer is very user friendly, this is the main reason to accept HP printer by everyone. But sometimes HP printer users might face various kind of problems related with various type of technical errors related with printing like black ink not working on HP printer.

HP Black Ink not working is the most common technical error of HP printers. This kind of error mostly comes with inkjet printer which is not able to print the black ink. The user might think that black ink has been finished and they are keen interest to refill the cartridge. But after refilling the cartridge with black ink, problem is still persisted and technical error continues.

There are so many reasons behind this kind of issue HP printer not printing black ink. Therefore fixing this error, you can get technical support help to resolve your issue or you can follow some technical ways that are suggested by the experts to get resolve this printer issue.

Clean Black Ink Cartridge Properly:

This is a very important suggestion for the user that the first user have to remove black ink cartridge from the printing machine. You are required to clean it with cotton cloth. There might be a chance that dash may stop the black ink to print. You can also clean the printer’s head property.

Connection Error:

There are some connection issues for which this command prompt cannot be performed in a proper way.

Replacement of Cartridge:

Suppose if the cartridge of black ink is faulty so in this case you need to replace it with the new one cartridge. Use of Faulty or defective cartridge is the cause of getting this kind of error. you can replace this cartridge with a new one in very easy manner.

If you are facing any kind of difficulties in the replacement, you can get the best technical support to help from the printer expert available.

Adjustment of the Printer:

The printer machine is necessary to adjust every time just after the installation of the cartridge. A lot of users avoid the instructions and face such kind of issues.

Cross Check the Plastic Defensive Tape:

Whenever you purchase the new cartridge, a plastic tape comes out round the black ink cartridge. Suppose if you forgot to remove off the plastic tape from the black ink cartridge, then those case printer will not get proper ink for printing the page. Some time most of the user forgot or watch to do so and cannot print the black color.

Resetting of HP Printer:

This major error HP printer not printing black majorly comes out after installing the new cartridge, so it is required to need the best repair service. After serving, resetting the device for a couple a hour which is used to improve the printing quality.

Black Ink Not Working on HP Laser Printer:

If you are having this issue with your HP laser printer, so to resolve this kind of issue, first you go into the menu section where you need to click on the diagnostic tab then print the PQ troubleshooting page.

If black ink does not print, then you need to go to disable the cartridge and switch the magenta and black cartridge on the menu. Fire the print command to print the page again. If black ink does not print, then the problem may be with the toner cartridge.

If the black ink does not print, then there might be chance problem with the printer’s laser. Owner of the printer might see this kind of error on the LCD Screen in its clear stating that the problem is related with the laser assembly.

Some time problem comes out due to loose wiring, so you have to check that plug should not be loose which might be the cause of the black ink not working on hp printer error.

If the problem continues after adopting above troubleshooting steps, then there might be a chance of more serious problems with your HP printer so that either you are required to connect with certified printer expert or need to replace the part like fuser, transfer kit, roller or any part of the matter or it is highly advised you to replace your printer with the new one, if the problem still persists after adopting above solutions.

This is the detailed document on to fix black ink not working on HP printer.

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