How to Fix Error Code 006 in Canon Printers?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix error code 006 in canon printers. When i am trying to print with Canon printer they show me this error code 006 while printing. Help me.

Fix Error Code 006 in Canon Printers:

It is quite common that the person using printers or any such kind of hardware machine has to face different error codes in its day-to-day application. Such error codes also occur with Canon printers and one of those is service tool Error Code 006.

This blog helps and guides you through a series of simple steps to Fix Error Code 006 in Canon Printer by running the Service Tool. Quickly, follow the given steps discussed below:

Quick Steps to Fix Error Code 006 in Canon Printers using the Service Tool:

Step 1:- Check Ink Cartridges and Their Connections

Ensure that the ink cartridge is filled properly as an empty cartridge might cause a Canon service tool error code 006. Check whether the cartridge connections are properly done or not.

Also, check that the cartridge connectors are copper contacts on the front of the cartridge and the printer connectors are positioned at the head front of the printer. You must check the internal parts of connectors whether they are cleaned or not. They shouldn't have any ink stains that prevents printer operations.

Step 2:- Restart the Canon Service Tool

As per suggestions, whenever you get this service tool with your Canon printer, check and verify that your printer is compatible with the same name as the tool can search compatibility.

Still, if the problem occurs after compatibility verification also then simply restart the Canon Service Tool. You can refer to the user manual if you require guidance to reset the tool.

Step 3:- Check the Functionality of Printer Drivers

In cases when everything is working well and proper, it is hard to find where the problem still persists. You should immediately uninstall and reinstall the Canon printer drivers and turn off the printer as well. Then turn on your printer and the software installer will ask you to connect it again.

Step 4:- Re-Open the Service Tool

  • Close down the service tool.
  • Disconnect all the USB cable connected to the printer.
  • Plug back all the cable to the printer after 10 seconds.
  • For users working on Windows, click next when you see the “New device” option.
  • Finally, open the service tool.

Step 5:- Troubleshoot the Service Tool Problem

  • The first step is to download and install the Service Tool Canon.
  • Turn on the maintenance mode of the printer following the given steps:
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Connect the printer to the central unit using a USB cable.
  • Press and hold down the “Resume” button (triangle in a circle) and then press the “Power” button.
  • Keep pressing these two buttons until the LED light glows.
  • Release only one button, “Resume” button, but not the “Power” button. And then you have to press “Resume” buttons 6-7 times.
  • Finally, release the two buttons. The LED light will flash and then stop after some time. This means that your printer is in the Maintenance Mode.
  • You can now run the Service Tool for your Canon printer.
  • Choose an appropriate USB port under the “USB PORT” section of service tool.
  • You have to select the “Main” option under the “Ink Absorber Counter” section.
  • Now in the “Counter Value” section, you have to select the number the closest of the counter number and hit on the “SET” button. (The counter number is in the section “EEPROM”).

This Canon service tool error 006 occurs when the user runs the service tool on their machine which may be due to various reasons like machine incompatibility, the incorrect process of entering the service mode when the printer is unable to work in service mode, any printer driver issue, an issue with printer cartridges, and others.

Generally, these "Service Tool” programs of Canon printers serve some useful purpose. Like they are used to reset the print count on the pads when they reach their limit amount. This means that these programs allow you to reset the waste ink pad counter in Canon printers. Physically, they are a kind of cleaner that is positioned under the purge printer ( or print head cleaner) at the system level.

These programs are useful when you perform printing for bulk number of pages. In such a case, the printer automatically locks the Print mode and request these service programs for support. Though the error code 006 canon service tool cannot be easily resolved, so you might require some expertise from a technical professional.

Hope this solution helps to fix Canon service tool error 006 error.


Fix Canon Service Tool Error 006(Fixed):

The Cannon Service tool error 006 reveals that the printer is not operating in service mode. It also indicates that the main board of the printer needs to be replaced.

What Causes the Cannon Service Tool Error 006?

Several reasons can be held responsible for this issue are listed below:

  • Your device may be out of service.
  • Cartridge running out of ink.
  • Malfunctioning of the USB port.
  • Your service tool is not compatible with your Canon printer.

How to Fix this Canon Error 006?

Various troubleshooting methods have been discussed below to get this issue resolved:

Sol:1- Go for Checking Your Cartridge Ink:

You must be sure that your cartridges are installed well and their refills are optimally filled. If your cartridge is missing on any of the two pillars then it might cause you to face error 006.

If your cartridge refills are properly filled and they are well installed too and you are still facing this error then you must carefully check that the copper cartridge connectors that are placed in front of the printer are internally cleaned.

Sol:2- Try Checking your Printer Drivers:

You can try removing and then reinstalling your canon printer driver. After that, you can restart your computer along with your printer device to check if the issue is resolved.

Steps for uninstalling the canon printer driver in Windows:

Step 1: From the "Windows Start button" Tap "Control Panel"

Step 2: From "Hardware and Sound"  tap the "Devices and Printer section" and select "Device manager".

Step 3: Find your Printer in the list and Uninstall it. Right-click your printer model Tap the "Uninstall" option from the dropdown list and click "OK" and confirm.

Step 4: "Restart your Computer" If requested.

Steps for reinstalling the canon printer driver on windows:

  1. Shut down your Printer.
  2. Join your printer cable with the Printer and the Computer.
  3. Turn on "Your computer" and Tap "Windows".
  4. Inset and place " Canon Software Setup and User's Guide CD-ROM" into the CD ROM driver " and wait for the master setup to display.
  5. On the Master Setup Screen Tap "Custom install"
  6. Check the Box beside "MP Drivers"  Tap "Next"
  7. When the License agreement prompts Tap "Yes" and then Tap "Next"
  8. Once the Printer driver installation is finished Tap "OK".

Sol:3-  Verify Its Compatibility and Try Restarting your Printer Service Tool:

If you get this Printer service tool with your Printer model then you must go for checking its compatibility. If this problem occurs even after verifying its compatibility then you must go for restarting your Printer service tool, to restart your printer service tool you must refer to the user manual you got with your canon printer.

Sol:4- Try Turning on Maintainance mode, Best Troubleshooting:

Adhere to the below instructions to turn on "Maintenance mode" on your Printer Service tool.

  1. Shut Down your Printer First.
  2. Join the Printer to the CPU with the help of a USB cable.
  3. Firmly press and hold the Resume Button(Representing a triangle in a circle) for 6-7 seconds till the LED light glows then firmly press and hold the "Power button"
  4. Once the light starts glowing leave the "Resume button" only but keep holding the "Power button". Now firmly leave the "Power button" and Press the "Resume button" 6-7 times
  5. Finally release both buttons when the LED light flashes "the maintenance mode of your Printer device is ON".

Final words:

The error code on your printer service tool represents the damaged service mode. Canon printer has many technical glitches showing Error codes: 002 to 009, The most common error code users face is the Canon Service tool error 006.

We really hope that this article might have helped you to know the factors that cause this error 006 along with their troubleshooting.

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How to Fix Error Code 006 in Canon Printers?

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