How to Fix Web Pages that Print Too Small?

Please let me know that how to fix Web pages that print too small. I am facing some issues in this while printing Web pages. Help me.

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Fix Web Pages that Print too Small:

Imagine yourself printing PDFs, documents, and different word or excel files with the desired print settings and layout. But when it comes to printing web pages directly from your internet browser using the same printer, it becomes a more exasperating experience because the printouts are drastically reduced to a very small size in as much as the font becomes totally illegible.

It is observed that web pages that print too small are recurrent with different kinds of internet browsers. I also had some issues while getting web pages printed, something that I could actually fix by simple troubleshooting. So, here is a quick guide as to how you can fix this issue on your own.

Inappropriate Internet Browser Settings 

It is observed that web pages that print too small have largely to do with the web page settings of the specific internet browser. Here is a step-by-step procedure to get the correct print settings intact.

Step 1 – While you are viewing your favorite web pages, you should, at first go to the top-right corner of your web page where a small gear icon is being displayed. You should now click on the Print option to initiate the process of extracting print out of the given web page.

You may also click on three vertical dots that may alternatively be reflected on the top-right corner instead of the Settings icon. 

Step 2 – A new dialogue box showing a preview of the prospective printout will get opened. Here in the toolbar’s kit, print size option will be shown. Now you have to see whether the setting by default is set as Shrink to Fit. If it is so, then modify such setting parameter to choose 100%.

Step 3 – After modifying the settings, you must be able to see bigger-sized photos and documents in the preview segment. If the current preview is displaying bigger fonts then you can proceed by giving print command.

Else, you may again pull the zoom settings menu down to arrange the printing preview or frame.

Outdated HP Printer Drivers 

Many a time, despite having appropriate print settings on the browser panel, you may still be witnessing the problem of web pages that print too small. This may be attributable to the fact that your printer drivers may have run outdated due to which you may be receiving the printouts probably with small fonts.

To fix this, you should update your printer drivers by uninstalling the current print driver and replacing it with an updated one. 

Printer Settings may be Having an Overriding Effect on HP Printer Settings of Your Internet Browser

You must press CTRL+P buttons simultaneously to change the Zoom settings from the Print properties themselves. Here you must see that that the latest zoom settings reflect 100% font printing in order to get the issue finally resolved.

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