How to Fix HP Inkjet Printer Alignment errors?

Please let me know that how to fix HP inkjet printer alignment errors. I am facing some issues while trying to print. Help me.

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Fix HP Inkjet Printer Alignment Errors:

Are your HP printers not providing you with the correct print of your documents or displaying HP inkjet printer alignment error? No worries, here I am with the solution and the reasons behind the error. You can scroll further to get the brief.

Reasons For The Alignment Error In HP Printer

To fix the issue, you should first identify the causes leading to it. Error. So let’s throw light on the reasons behind the HP inkjet printer alignment error.

  • pieces of paper may be stuck in some part of your printer.
  • The ink cartridges may be damaged, or faulty, or not genuine.
  • The ink cartridges in your device are not correctly installed.
  • Pages may be misaligned when many printouts have been taken out.
  • The printhead of your HP machine may have been blocked due to additional ink around it.

Methods To Fix Hp Inkjet Printer Alignment Errors

Perform An Alignment

Follow the below step to check the alignment:-

  • Load paper in the input tray.
  • Adjust the paper width until they rest against the edges of the paper.
  • Print an alignment page.

Reset The HP Printer

  • Reset the printer to troubleshoot the failure.
  • If the battery of your printer has rechargeable, remove it.
  • With the printer switched on, unplug the power cord from the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the main switchboard.
  • Wait 60 seconds.
  • plug the power cord to a switchboard and to the printer.
  • switch on the printer to complete the reset.

Check Levels Of Ink In HP Printer And Replace Low/empty Cartridges

Low ink levels can result in Hp Inkjet Printer Alignment Errors. HP suggests having replacement ink on hand when cartridges are low.

Check ink levels.

  • Go to the printer control panel: search for an ink drop, a cartridge icon, or an Ink Levels menu.
  • In the HP Smart app: Run the HP Smart app. Check the ink levels displayed on the Home screen.
  • By the printer software: run the printer software, and then click the Supplies or Ink Levels option.
  • Smart Tank, Ink Tank, DeskJet GT printers: search for the ink tank windows on the printer. 
  • If any of the cartridges are low on ink, replace the low cartridge or refill the empty tank.

Clean The Printheads Or Cartridges of HP Printer

Use a cartridge cleaning tool in the printer software or on the control panel to resolve errors and improve print quality.

Control Panel ( Touch Screens Printers): go to the Settings, Tools menu, search for the option to clean the printheads or cartridges.

HP Smart Application (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS): In this app, select your printer, click Print Quality Tools, and then select the option to clean the printheads or cartridges.

HP Printer Assistant (Windows): go to the “Maintain Your Printer” option, and then choose the option to clean the printheads or cartridges.

HP Utility (Mac): choose the option to clean the cartridges.

After the cleaning, evaluate the page that prints. Cartridges may need to be cleaned more than once.

Replace Cartridges That Are Not Functioning

Pages with defects or missing colors can cause the sensor inside the printer may be the reason to Fix Hp Inkjet Printer Alignment Errors. 

  • Check the page for defects such as missing sections or colors. 
  • If you see any defects, replace the ink cartridges and printhead.


Above, I have explained the reason and methods to Fix Hp Inkjet Printer Alignment Errors. You can try to fix the issue yourself with the above methods, but if you still face the error you can complain to the service center, they will recover it.

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