How to Fix HP Printer 0x61011beb Error?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix HP printer 0x61011beb error. When i am trying to print with HP printer then it's show me error code 0x61011beb. I don't know how to fix it.

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Answer - 1

Fix HP Printer Error 0x61011beb:

This kind of HP printer error 0x61011beb comes out normally when you are aligning your ink cartridges in your HP office jet 6500 with wireless all in one printer devices.

There are Several Causes Which are Responsible to Raise up This Kind of Error 0x61011beb.

  • Communication issue between your printer and cartridges.
  • If your printer is harmed.
  • If you have modified your printer settings.
  • A corrupted drive is there between your computer and printer.

These are some general issues, which is responsible for raising this kind of error with your HP printer. So we need to troubleshoot this HP 0x61011beb error first to work your printer smoothly. We are discussing several step by step solutions to resolve 0x61011beb HP printer error.

Reinstall Your Cartridge:

  • Firstly, you need to reinstall the cartridge from the printer very carefully. This procedure will help the user to get the working process in an efficient way.
  • Now you need to confirm that proper enough ink is there for the proper printing process.
  • After you need to supply power to your printer and try to detach the USB cable from the computer carefully.
  • Now it is advised to user to detach the ink cartridge.
  • Now you need to unplug the power cord and wait for some time like one or two minute.
  • After that you need to plug the unit back into the printer carefully on pressing the power button.
  • Now the user need to wait for insert cartridge message and then perform the installation process on seeing instruction on the screen.
  • Then if user is getting any kind of recalibration message, then they will allow the printer to complete the job.
  • Finally at the end you need to connect USB cable and try to perform printing job.
  • If your problem is resolved, then congratulations, otherwise you need to contact your technical administrator to resolve this error.

Need to Update Your HP Printer Driver

  • It is advised to contact HP printer customer service team to update all the printer’s driver to ensure working of your printer with your computer. Some time if your printer driver is out of date, then you will get issue to connect your printer with computer because some update file might be missing in the old version software of your printer. Those missing file restrict to establish connection of your printer with your computer.
  • This updating process can be easily performed by simply visiting on the HP website, then you need to search out your printer latest driver. You need to download that driver from the HP website and install it on your computer.

Check for Updates in Window Update:

In window you need to search at your window to check for updates, if any update is available, it will install automatically, if update is not available, you need to visit on the HP website to check your printer’s update version

Check for Printer’s Update on HP Website:

  • First you need to go HP customer support-software and Drivers download page where you need to select for which you are going to download the printer’s driver update for laptop or desktop. So you need to choose your device first.
  • Now you need to type your printer model number in the search box to check for updated driver software.
  • Now you will get all the updated software as per your choice, you need to select the appropriate driver and select it for download.
  • After downloading the driver, you need to install that particular driver on your computer.
  • Restart your computer and printer both, then it will start to work perfectly.

Cleaning Out All the Registry Issue:

  • This issue might be comes out due to your registry. Registry is basically is the repository or database of your computer system. This is generally very large database which store vital information like settings and information.
  • So suppose if you have updated your printer driver and you do not perform registry cleanup operation, then your computer might fetch old settings from the registry and you will get error after updating your printer software.
  • To overcome this printer issue, you should perform cleanup operation of your registry necessary to work your printer and computer efficiently.

At the end, if you are not able to fix up your HP Printer 0x61011beb Error issue after adopting the above solutions, you need to contact technical support to resolve your issue.

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