How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49?

Hello, Please tell me about how to fix hp printer error code 49. When i am printing with HP printer they are showing HP printer error code 49. Please give me any solutions.

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Answer - 1

Fixed HP Printer Error Code 49:

Nowadays errors occurring at the time of printing has become very usual. On that basis, you may receive certain error code 49 at the time of printing any document or file with your HP printer.

The major reason for this occurrence of errors is due to the lack of communication between the computer and the laptop. Related file errors may also cause this issue. Apart from that, invalid operations, corrupted data, invalid point commands and much more will cause errors.

Causes of HP Printer Error Code 49:

The major reason for this occurrence of HP printer error code 49 is due to the lack of communication between the computer and the laptop. Other than communication failure, the major reasons are

  • Damaged data transfer
  • Invalid print commands
  • Registry errors
  • Invalid operations

The data corruption will take place due to the occurrence of electrical noise in your HP printer. Poor connections and low-quality parallel cables will also cause errors. Below, you can able to find a solution for how to fix HP printer error code 49.

Steps to Repair HP Printer Error Code 49:

There are totally two steps are possible to repair the HP printer error code 49. The two steps are calibrate the printer and clean out the registry.

1. Calibrate The Printer:

  • To prevent the error from frequent and to safeguard your printer you ought to go through these procedures:
  • On the printer, you have to press Cancel Job to cancel the print job out of the memory.
  • Then, turn off the printer and then turn on the printer once more.
  • Attempt printing a document or file from an alternate programming application.
  • If the activity prints, return to the principal application and take a stab at printing an alternate document.
  • If the communication seems just with a specific print job or programming application, contact the product merchant for help.
  • If the communication proceeds with various programming applications and print employments, disengage all links to the printer that associate it to the system or computer.
  • After that turn off the printer
  • From the printer, take away the entire memory DIMMS or any other third party DIMMS.
  • From the PC, take away all the EIO gadgets
  • The, you have to turn on the printer.
  • In case, there is no further errors have been shown up, then install every one of the EIO and DIMMS gadgets each one, in turn, ensuring you turn off the printer and back on as you could able to install every gadget.
  • Alternate an EIO or DIMM gadget in case you imagine that it could cause the error code 49.
  • Also, make sure to associate every one of the links that interface the printer to the system or PC.
  • In case the error endures, alternating the firmware DIMM.
  • Calibrate the printer via alternating the formatter.
  • And now you can able to see calibrate.

2. Clean Out the Registry

This following procedure is an important part to guarantee your PCs security and it's on the whole working. In general, the registry is an expansive database around the Windows framework which stores imperative settings and choices that your PC requires to execute.

This section of your PC is a basic storeroom for all the essential components of your framework. Shockingly, the registry frequently causes a large number of errors on your framework, as it's persistently being harmed and tainted, driving Windows to demonstrate errors like error code 49. To solve all your hp printer error 49 issues on the HP printer, then you can download registry cleaner.

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Answer - 2

At times, due to some internal communication error codes, you need to learn the methods to Fix HP Printer Error 49. In this error, the issue leads to a critical error and the formatted processor hinder the regular operations of the printer.

We also need to find the reasons behind HP Printer Error 49. They are:

  • Registry errors
  • Invalid print commands
  • Invalid operations
  • Damaged data transfer

Below is your guide to Fix HP Printer Error 49, and remove the obstacles on the way of your work.

Method 1 : Turn the Device Off

  • Turn the device off and then unplug all the communication cables such as network, USB or parallel cable.
  • Turn the printer off after 30 seconds of a break.
  • Then if the error 49 remains the same, then it means that there is some issue with the communication between the computer and network.

Method 2 : Manage the Printer

  • Disconnect the printer and all the other accessories connected including communication cables such as EIO cards, memory, extra trays, a duplexer (if removable), and envelope feeder.
  • After you turn your printer on and the issue doesn’t exist then you need to reinstall the part one at a time, by powering off before you go ahead with the installation phase of each part till you find the error cause.
  • You need to update your firmware in order to Fix HP Printer Error 49 issue.

Method 3 : Next Method

You will be required to perform a cold reset or NVRAM initialization method if Fix HP Printer Error 49 still exists even after performing the above possible methods.

  • A cold reset will erase all the stored memory settings such as control panel settings, internal or external settings or jet direct settings and will bring it back to default factory settings.
  • The NVRAM is more exclusive and as well as clear all internal memories such as error logs and other possible counters.
  • If still, you are not able to Fix HP Printer Error 49, then you are required to ask for professional’s help.

Note- Reset of Hp JetDirect not only reset it but also remove all the network settings from your hp printer.

Method 4 : Updation of Printer Drivers to Fix HP Printer Error 49

You have to update printer drivers to Fix HP Printer Error 49. Drivers are a software program that lets your external devices communicate with your operating system (Windows, Mac etc).

You must have got an installation disk with your printer, use that disk to install the drivers for the printer.
Try to print the documents once your drivers are installed and check if the issue still persists.

Note: Hp laserjet printers use PCL drivers.

Hp printer has the options that they record the error code and display it on the screen of your computer system so that you can quickly fix the difficulty. It is told that HP printer error 49 may be a severe reason for lousy printing command, corrupted knowledge, varied invalid operations, firmware, formatted, or maybe it's potential because of EIO card or memory accessories.

Printers definitely make your work quicker, easier, and there are several errors that the users face whereas operating, and one in every of the foremost common mistakes is 49, that happens because of some technical reason, therefore, here we have provided some straightforward simple and straightforward and simple} steps through that it can be easy for all the troubled shoppers to induce obviate the HP printer error 49.

We hope the above article helped you to Fix HP Printer Error 49, during your print jobs and also helped you make your firmware perform effectively well.

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