How to Fix HP Printer Error Filter Failed Problem?

Please let me know that how to fix HP printer error filter failed problem. I am facing these issues while printing. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix HP Printer Error Filter Failed Problem: 

Now just like any printer, HP printers can also sometimes glitch or get stuck. Despite improved technologies and properties, there are certain issues that are inevitable. An error that you might face is the HP Printer Error Filter Failed. This error can probably occur due to a failed or an outdated driver. 

So to fix HP Printer Error Filter Failed, we have listed down 4 methods that you could try to fix the issue on your own. 

1. Manually Install Drivers on HP Printer:

This is the basic method that you can follow, which is to download the drivers manually from step 1. 

Step 1: Head to the system information and look up the list of drivers installed.

Step 2: Delete the printer causing issue and install it again manually.

Step 3: Select the correct drivers while installing to avoid any further issues. 

2. Reset HP Printer:

Reset and restarts are two options that work most efficiently whether on a mobile, laptop, or even printer. 

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon and head to System Preferences.

Step 2: Under the Printers and Scanner option, right-click on the blank space.

Step 3: With the options available choose the Reset option.

Step 4: After confirming, input the admin credentials and press OK.

Step 5: The reset will take a while to complete.

Step 6: After it’s done, click on + and add the printer you are currently using.

Step 7: And while taking out a print make sure you select it. 

3. Share Option on HP Printer:

Another way to fix HP Printer Error Filter Failed is to choose the sharing option. 

Step 1: Under System Settings, click on sharing option.

Step 2: Enter your device name and exit.

Step 3: Reboot your computer and see if the issue still persists. 

4. Change Paper Settings on HP Printer:

One last way to resolve the HP Printer Error Filter Failed is by modifying the paper settings. This can be a tricky one so make sure you follow the steps in order. 

Step 1: While printing, in the print dialog box, head to the menu from the PDF file you wish to print.

Step 2: Open PDF in the preview section.

Step 3: Select the TIFF option in the Format Dialog box. 

Step 4: Choose pixel/inch and put in the size as 600. 

Step 5: Save the file and access it through the menu option. 

Step 6: Export the file and again choose TIFF in the format dialog box. 

Step 7: Choose the file and click on Print. 

Step 8: Choose the same dimensions as above and complete installing all drivers. 

With any of these methods, you can easily troubleshoot the HP Printer Error Filter Failed issue.

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