How to Fix HP Printer Error Symbols?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix HP printer error symbols. I am facing some issue while printing. Help me.

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Fix HP Printer Error Symbols:

Generally, you notice different types of printer errors in your printers’ LED display. These errors are straightaway in the form of several messages giving an indication about the ongoing issues. Usually, a number or a term is displayed over the screen. Such printer errors, inform the user about what is not working correctly.

There are a few possible reasons for this to happen, for example, you could have a paper jam in tray 2. However, this number indicates the correct address. As soon as you get an error, check the respective printer website and look for its number in the HP Printer Error Symbols. Whatever be the issue, here's the guide to fix HP printer error symbols.

Errors and Methods to Fix HP printer Error Symbols-

Paper Out Error

One of the methods to resolve HP printer error symbols is to align the printer paper properly. Sometimes, your paper tray is empty or is not seated correctly. So, you need to make sure that the paper is installed correctly. When the toner builds up on the edges of the tray that slides inside, the printer might create a few problems. Here, use a sharp tool like a razor blade and scrape out the accumulation of these edges.

Jammed or Broken Sensor Arm

You need to check whether the sensor arm moves freely or not. Mostly, this requires to be reinstalled. But if it is broken, then you must replace the sensor indicator.

Set Configuration for Defective Tray Size

Most of the trays are provided with tabs that press a series of switches when they are installed. So, check if these tabs are not damaged and that the tray switches located in the printer are not damaged. Check by pressing them by hand and listen to their click.

Subsequently, the contact for the Microswitch will get doubled and so must be replaced. Lastly, check for the settings through the menus in the printer.

Error 13 - Paper jam

Check and verify if the paper meets the accurate specifications of your printer. The tractor feeding paper containing the torn edges might not work very well. To understand more information, check the HP paper specifications guide. Be careful when you are checking labels. Make sure to use labels that are designed to absorb the heat generated by the Fuser assembly.

Moreover, you must analyze the paper path to check if there is accumulated toner or dust. Check for paper pieces lodged in the path, specifically around the sensors. Note that 4L / 4P printers have jammed paper in the collection area which can be accessed by removing the screw on the oblique roller cover.

In a few cases, there is a worn pickup roller that's commonly seen in the LJII / III series. You can easily clean them and get a few more kilometers of them. But as you start having jammed with a spot in the top center of the page, you have to replace the input pickup roller assembly and the paper separation pad of cork.

While in the IIP / IIIP, you can remove the accumulation of toner/paper powder from the roller. Also, you can eliminate the separation pad (small cork pad) and clean it too.

So is the paper size correct? Have you configured the software particular to paper size you are using? Are the settings set to the size you are using? Check for all these parameters. When the software asks the printer to wait for a different size (legal, A4, COM10) than the available tray, you will immediately get an error.

HP Printer Error Symbols possibly occur while printing a FAX document formatted for an A4 paper. It could even have a defective or dirty output sensor so urgently replace or clean as required.

Hope this guide works to resolve the HP printer error symbols.

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