How to Fix HP Printers Reject Generic Printer Cartridges?

Please let me know that how to fix HP printers reject generic printer cartridges. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Fix HP Printers Reject Generic Printer Cartridges:

Recently, HP has been releasing software updates to many of its inkjet printers. These software updates are regularly being updated by HP in order to reduce the spread of generic ink cartridges. Once these updates are installed, your printer device will not accept non-genuine ink cartridges anymore.

However, the recent update has annoyed most of the HP customers. HP isn't the only printer company that is using this strategy. As per the improved quality and reduced prices of non-genuine cartridges, they are turning into a threat for printer manufacturers. 

Which Printer Devices are Affected the Most by These Updates? 

A lot of new HP inkjet printers are getting affected by the latest series of software updates. Now, a series of HP OfficeJet pro will not be able to use the generic ink cartridges. Usually, the generic ink cartridges aren't released long after the software updates occur. 

Is HP the Only Printer Company doing This?

No, almost every printer company is doing this nowadays. Epson and Brother are also constantly releasing their software updates in order to stop the use of generic ink cartridges. If you wish to continue the use the generic ink cartridges, then you must turn off your printer's software update.

The only printer manufacturing company that is not introducing updates to stop the use of generic ink cartridges is Canon. Printer manufacturers fail to understand that consumers get annoyed by such tactics and this may force them to switch the printer brand.

Different Methods to Combat Generic Ink Cartridges 

There are various methods using which HP and other companies manipulate their customers to use their genuine ink cartridges. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that printers are region-locked. If you are planning to take your HP printer to Europe, then you need to use Oceania cartridges in order to make it work.  

If someone tells me that their cartridges are not working, then the first question I pose to them is where did you buy your printer. Some people come to me who purchased their Epson printers in the UK and such people fail to recognize generic ink cartridges as they are region locked. 

HP also time locks its cartridges. The manufacturing date is encoded into the cartridge and once the date arrives, the cartridge will not work anymore. You may or may not like it but printer manufacturers will continue to use different tactics to minimize the spread of non-genuine cartridges.

In order to retain their share in the market, companies like HP continue to use such tactics. The good news is that the chip manufacturers are constantly working to crack these updates so that they can continue supplying generic inks to us. 

Update: 24/10/2016

HP mentioned on its official website that now a downgrade firmware is also available. If you download a downgrade firmware and then install it, then the printers will start working on the version 5 generic cartridges. 

Update: 21/5/2020

This update is solely focused on combating the use of generic cartridges. Since the updates in 2016, a lot of updates were released to combat the use of non-genuine cartridges. The public is very annoyed with such updates and many people have mentioned that they will never buy an HP printer ever again. 

Luckily, users are available with a downgrade file released by a third party that reverses HP updates. A lot of customers have downloaded and installed these files and now they are able to use the non-generic chip version of the cartridges. You can also easily download them by following simple steps. 

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