How to Fix HP Web Services not Working?

Please let me know how to fix HP web services not working issues. I am facing some issues while trying to print. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix HP Web Services not Working:

Are you experiencing a problem where your printer cannot connect to the web services? If yes, then you need to first check your wireless connection. This is the correct thing to do as the internet services of your HP printer are connected to the wireless connection and your HP instant ink account. 

The printer could not connect to web services issue can be resolved simply by restarting your computer and printer. Please ensure that the cables are secure and properly plugged in. If you find that your wireless connection icon light on your printer is not blinking.

After you are done checking those things, then try to print one more time. If the issue is still existing, then below are the potential solutions that you can apply to resolve your issue.  

How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Web Services Problem?

1) Check the Connectivity of Your Printer

Please ensure that your printer is connected to the internet through an ethernet cable or a wireless connection. Check if there is a solid blue light n the wireless icon of your printer. If yes, then it means that you are connected to a wireless network.

2) Try to Reset Your Modem or Router

In case you have checked the wireless settings of your printer and everything states that you are connected, then you must restart your wireless network at home or the office to refresh the connection between the two devices. 

3) Update the Firmware of Your HP Printer

Check if any updates are available for the firmware of your printer and install them if required. You can also try this on the display screen of your printer or the software installed on your PC.

4) Check Your HP Instant Ink Account  

Sign in to your HP account and ensure that your account is still active and online. If you find that there are any balances, then you must avoid getting your account suspended. 

5) Reset the Wireless Settings of Your Printer

Go to the display screen of your printer and there you are going to find the option to reset your wireless settings. After that, reconnect your printer to the wireless network. When you are done connecting, print your document from your computer, mobile device, and laptop. 

6) Enable Web Services from the Embedded Web Server

You can easily access the embedded web server using your HP Smart app. You can also access it by connecting to your printer homepage on your PC. You can also retrieve the IP address of your printer on the printer display screen.

Type the IP address of your printer on your PC and the homepage of your printer will open up. Go to the tab of web services on the page's primary menu and then enable the Web Services option. 

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