How to Fix Microsoft Print to PDF Not Working on Windows 10?

Please let me know that how to fix Microsoft Print to PDF not working on Windows 10. I have no idea about that. Help me.

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Fix Microsoft Print to PDF Not Working on Windows 10:

Windows 10 now has a great new function called Print to PDF. Users can print their documents as PDF files, such as Word and JPG files. What a useful tool! But, several customers had claimed that Windows 10 did not support Microsoft Print to PDF. 

We will demonstrate the best methods for resolving the issue in this article. 

Solution 1: Restart Microsoft Print to PDF after Turning it Off.

Step 1: Enter the "windows feature" from the Start menu into the search box. From the first result, select Turn Windows features on or off.

Step 2: On the Windows options pop-up window, scroll down. Select and remove the Microsoft Print to PDF check box. To save the settings, click OK.

Step 3: Restart Windows 10.

Step 4: To open the Windows Features window, repeat step 1 once more. This time, find Microsoft Print to PDF and choose it to enable it. To save changes, press OK after that.

Step 5: Your print to PDF should now function correctly.

Solution 2: Ensure that the File Name You Enter doesn't Contain a Comma.

The PDF file would be produced with 0 bytes, and you would not have been able to locate it in the saving folder if the file name of the PDF you want to save had commas. It appears that Microsoft Print to PDF Not working on Windows 10 as a result.

Please refrain from using a comma and any other special symbols in the file name in this situation.

Solution 3: Set Microsoft Print to PDF as your Default Printer

Step 1: From the Start menu, enter "printer" in the search box. Select Devices as well as Printers by the first result. 

Step 2: Select Microsoft Print to PDF under the Printers menu on the Devices and Printers window, then right-click it. Tap Set as default printer after that.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Driver for Microsoft Print to PDF after Removing It

Step 1: To open the Devices and Printers window, perform Step 1 of Way 3.

Step 2: Microsoft Print to PDF can be found under the Printers menu. Click Remove device after that. When requested to verify, select Yes.

Step 3: Select Add devices and printers by right-clicking the space within the Devices and Printers box.

Step 4: Click on the printer which I want that is not listed. 

Step 5: Add a network printer or local printer with manual configurations. Then press Next.

Step 6: Under Use, an existing port, select PORTPROMPT: (Local Port) from the drop-down menu. the next button

Step 7: Set Microsoft as the Manufacturer and Microsoft Print to PDF as the Printer. To continue, press Next.

Step 8: Select Replace the existing driver. Then press Next.

Step 9: Tap Next.

Step 10: The Microsoft Print to PDF function has been restored. To finish the procedure, tap Finish.

Step 11: You can use effectively.

Make sure you never save files with commas or special notations in the file name if you discover that PDF files won't install anymore, regardless of what you try. When you try to convert a webpage, image, and document into a PDF using these symbols, the Print to PDF tool may not work correctly.

Feel free to refer back to our article and implement further remedies if you discover that your system is having similar problems in the future. So now you've all the necessary information regarding Microsoft Print to PDF Not working on Windows 10.

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