How to Fix New Ink Cartridge Not Working on Printer?

Please let me know how to fix new ink cartridge not working on printer. I am facing some issues while printing on paper. Help me.

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Fix New Ink Cartridge Not Working on Printer:

Although printers are extremely useful, we must acknowledge that using them may occasionally be a headache. Printers frequently have issues, and occasionally when we install a new ink cartridge, they need to recognize it.

We've all experienced issues with new ink cartridges as printer users. The ink cartridge's incorrect insertion is the main cause of it. Depending on the printer, the problem's cause and remedy may differ however, once you identify the problem's root cause, you can solve it immediately.

How Can I Make My New Ink Cartridge Work Again?

Resetting the ink cartridge usually fixes the problem when you change it with a fresh one, and it still won't function. So before attempting the other remedies listed below, try resetting the ink cartridge first.

Ink Cartridge Reset

Sometimes when you replace the ink cartridge, your printer won't recognize it. You have an ink cartridge not recognized error as a result. However, most printers now accept the new ink cartridge after using the reset feature. You can reset the New Ink Cartridge Not Working on the Printer by following these steps:

Carefully Remove the Ink Cartridge

You should find a green circuit board with gold metal dots.

  • Find a tiny circle button next to it.
  • Press the button with a paperclip.
  • Try hitting the button for once at first, as most printers reset with all of that. Try holding down the button for a few seconds if those don't work.
  • Gently reinstall the ink cartridge in the printer.
  • Clean Your Printer's Golden Pins

You can discover the golden pins by looking inside your printer. Installing the cartridge to your printer is made easier by it. The golden pin might occasionally contain dust particles, making it difficult to link your cartridge correctly.

The golden pins require particular caution when being cleaned. The likelihood of golden pins bending or even breaking may be very high. Make sure to keep those golden pins. Bring a delicate, thin towel if you really need to clean the golden pins. Ensure your clothes are dry and the golden pins still need to be bent.

Make Sure the Paper is not Stuck

Whenever you print, You might fold a few pieces of paper. Folded papers may jam the printer, which could lead to various issues. Due to it, your new ink cartridge could not work.

You should follow the steps below for this.

  • Make sure your printer is turned off.
  • Remove the power cord.
  • Move the ink bottle
  • Verify whether any papers were obstructing your cartridge.
  • Use your hands to move the cartridge.
  • If there are any papers, dirt, or other debris, remove them all.
  • After cleaning, connect the power cable.
  • Activate your printer.

Examine Windows Update

Sometimes the problem might be brought on by the upcoming printer driver update.

The steps to check for Windows updates are as follows:-

  • Input Windows + I.
  • Access Windows Update.
  • Choose "Check for updates."
  • If any printer driver updates are available, Windows will download, install, and update them.

Printer Troubleshooter Uses

To diagnose and resolve printer issues, use the Windows troubleshooter. To troubleshoot, adhere to these procedures.

  • On Windows 10
  • Access settings
  • Click on update and security.
  • To troubleshoot, select
  • Tap on Additional Troubleshooters by scrolling
  • Choose a printer by clicking it.
  • Choose your printer
  • Tap on Next

How Can the Ink Cartridge Be Reinstalled?

Reading the instruction booklet that came with the printer will help you reinstall the ink cartridge.

Following these procedures will allow you to New Ink Cartridge Not Working on the Printer if you've misplaced the guide:

  • It would help if you opened the printer's front.
  • Open the cover for the ink cartridge.
  • Put the cartridge back into its original location.
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