How To Fix Printer That Is Making Noises?

Please let me know the how to fix printer that is making noises. I am facing some issues while printing on printer. Help me.

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Fix Printer That Is Making Noises:

Printer devices have different moving parts. Due to this, it is easy for printers to make a bit of noise. There are some noises that are normal. On the other hand. there are noises, which indicate that the printer is experiencing an issue. Here in this post, you will learn about the noises that are normal for the printer and the ones that can lead to major problems. 

What Kind of Different Sounds Do Printers Make?

Firstly, it is important for you to understand that all printer devices make some noise. If the noises made by your printer are within acceptable levels and at the right moment, then you must not worry about printer problems. Normally, the printer makes regular noises whenever you power it on.

You may also hear noises when your device is printing a document. Also, your printer is going to make a noise if it is self-troubleshooting. You may also hear noises because of self-cleaning processes. The noises that you may hear at the time of the power-up phase.

  • Clicking
  • Motor Whirring
  • Beeping

When you listen to these noises after turning on your printer, then it means the device is preparing itself for daily use. When you are printing your document, you are going to hear noises like. 

  • Squeaking noises
  • Clicking noises
  • Paper moving noises
  • Motor Whirring

This happens when the printer moves the paper from the input tray and takes it to the printing area. After that, the device will move the printer cartridges to wherever required. 

How can I Fix a Noisy Printer?

If your printer device is working properly, then it will not make a lot of noise. In case it does, then there are 5 troubleshooting steps that you must perform to fix your printer and its noises. 

1) Reset Your Printer

The first thing that you need to do to troubleshoot a noisy printer is to reset your device. A simple reset process will enable your printer to go through a power-up phase. In this process, the printer is going to self-correct any minor issues existing in the moving parts and stop the loud noise that it was making earlier. 

A power cycle is the best way to reset your printer. For this, you need to first disconnect it from the power source. After that, you need to leave your printer for at least 60 seconds. The printer is going to clear the memory and any issues may force your printer to behave wrongly.

Once the period of 1 minute is over, you need to allow it to go through the power-up phase. The power-up phase will let you clear the physical errors like issues with the moving parts. 

2) Remove Paper Jams

There are loud noises such as squeaking and grinding. One of the common examples of jam is when paper gets stuck in the rollers of your printer and other moving parts. In case the paper is not the only thing that is leading to printer jams, then that means foreign objects are impacting the inner working of your printer device. 

To remove the jams, you need to access it by going to the inside of your printer compartments. You must disconnect your printer from the main electrical outlet. Also, you need to be careful about the warning labels on your printer to save your fingers from getting burned.

When you are ready, open the doors of your printer and then remove the paper tray. This will enable you to inspect the objects that are causing paper jams. Take out the paper that is causing the jam and this will stop the noise. 

Sadly, outdated software may force your printer to exhibit erratic behaviors, which may include unusual and loud noises. To update the software of your printer, you need to go to the main website of the manufacturer.

The website of the printer manufacturer will create a list of compatible software based on the model number of your printer. Search for the number of your model and then download appropriate updates. 

3) Install the Cartridges Again

The ink cartridges of your printer are the only removable parts of your printer device. If these parts are not installed properly, then it can become a source of your printer noises. After that, remove and reinstall the ink cartridges and then you must make sure that they are properly aligned and there is no noise. 

Now that your printer is turned off, you need to open the window that has the ink cartridges. After that, you need to remove the cartridges by pressing the tabs and then keep them locked. When you take out the cartridges, ensure that there are no foreign objects inside them that may lead to printer noses. After that, push the ink cartridges back into their place till the moment you hear a click sound.

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