How to Fix Printer Wont Recognize Your Rrouter?

Please let me know how to fix the printer wont recognizes your router. I am facing some issues while trying to recognize the router in the printer. Help me.

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Fix Printer Wont Recognize Your Router:

By linking a modern printer having wireless printing capabilities to a Wi-Fi network, users can print wirelessly using their computer. Even so, occasionally the printing feature might not operate correctly and lose connection to your router. When the printer and router configurations were faulty, this error occurs frequently.

Here are a few ways to fix this issue on your Windows computer if your printer is still unable to link to your router.

Why won't my HP Printer make a WiFi Connection?

Wireless printers are fantastic, but a lot of people have complained that their printers won't remain connected to Wi-Fi, which may be a hassle and hinder your workflow.

There was an issue linking to the server HP printer error is a frequent error that consumers run into. This error can be brought on by problems with your wireless network settings.

Be careful to check that as well. Your printer failed to join the wireless network errors can also be caused by problems in printer settings or drivers.

Why does my Printer wont Recognize Your Router?

Verify that Your Drivers are Updated.

If you want your hardware devices to function properly, it is imperative that you keep your drivers updated. It's encouraged to update your drivers because incorrect drivers might lead to a variety of issues with your printer.

There are other approaches you may take, but they can be time-consuming and difficult to use, particularly if you don't know where to get the drivers from.

Fortunately, there have been specialist programmes like DriverFix which can scan your computer and instantly update all of its drivers.

Printer Reset to Network Default

Step 1: From the printer Control Panel, alternately hold and press the Wireless or Cancel buttons for around five seconds.

Step 2: This ought to restore the printer to its network default settings.

Step 3: Pressing and hold the wireless button on the printer for three seconds to connect it to WiFi. The Wireless Status Light must begin blinking when WPS push mode is initiated.

Step 4: Your router's WPS button should be pressed. While a wifi link is made, it will start a two-minute timer.

Test to See if Your Router can Now Identify Your Printer

Step 1: Activate a Fixed Wireless Channel on the Router

Step 2: If your router's wireless channel is configured to Auto, try changing it and see if it resolves the problem. Users claim that switching the Wireless channel from automatic to manual has solved their issue.

Step 3: The process for gaining access to the Wireless channel interface varies depending on the router. However, many routers will enable you to access it from the Settings > Wireless > Advanced Settings page.

Step 4: Select 1, 6, or 11 from the Wireless Channel drop-down menu by clicking it.

Step 5: Close the Router configuration window after saving the modifications.

Step 6: It should be able to identify your printer if you try to link it to the router.


Another method to try is to verify that the printer's IPV6 is not enabled. Open a web browser and navigate to the printer's IP address to deactivate IPV6 for the device. From here, select Networking Settings under the Networking heading. Simply Click after unchecking "IPV6". 

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