How to Fix Zebra Printer Not Printing Issue?

Is there anyone who knows about How to Fix Zebra Printer Not Printing issue. I am facing some issues while trying to print with this Zebra printer. Help me.

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Fix My Zebra Printer Not Printing Issue:

Zebra printers are among the widely used printers across the planet. There are multiple sizes and configurations of printers obtainable within the market. you'll be able to select any of them as per your demand and budget.

If you already own the zebra printer and face any problems, you'll be able to either contact the technician or try and fix it on your own. Just in case your printer isn't printing properly, you'll be able to discuss this article. 

Troubleshooting the Zebra Printer not Printing Issue

If you're unable to use your zebra printer as there's a difficulty with the zebra printer, not printing, you wish to repair the problem by attempting some troubleshooting. Initially, select the essential troubleshooting because it is straightforward and needs less time and energy for partitioning the problem.

Follow the steps below to fix the Zebra printer not printing issue: 

  • In the primary step, check for the cables, if they're blocked in properly or not. you'll be able to plug them directly into the socket rather than connecting them through extension cords. 
  • You need to ascertain that the network cable is firmly blocked within the pc still because of the printer. to confirm the operating of the network cable, you'll be able to check the lights blinking, indicating the network association. 
  • If the lights on the printer don't seem to be ON, you'll be able to undo the cables and plug it back in when your time. Then, press the facility button on the printer to ascertain if it's operating or not. 

If these steps don't work and there's a difficulty with the zebra printer not printing something, you'll be able to select advanced troubleshooting. The steps concerned during this are as follows: 

Check the Standing of the Printer:

For this, you wish to confirm that there's enough paper in your paper receptacle. Also, check for the stuck or crowded papers. you furthermore may get to check the ink toner for correct printing. 

Cancel all Jobs:

If your printer has stopped printing something, you wish to prevent all alternative jobs within the queue. If you are doing not quite the roles, it will have an effect on the hardware conjointly. you'll be able to complete the force quit exploitation of the panel on your pc. 

Set your zebra Printer as Default:

Generally, the printer solely takes command for the default printer. If you create zebra the default printer, it'll do all jobs simply. 

Update Driver:

Most of the time, the problem comes once the driving force is noncurrent or not compatible with the printer. you want to have the most recent version of the printer driver put in on your pc for the right operating of zebra printers. 

Zebra Label Printer Not Printing Correctly. 

Some common problems visaged throughout label printer not printing properly are: All the print requests end in a blank label. There is no print or image on the labels of the printer. It appears that the printer is printing however the labels are blank.

Causes of the Problem Are:

The printhead contains trash or the label is preventing the warmth transfer. There are wrong media in a very Direct thermal application. The ribbon and media don't match properly. The wrong facet of the ribbon is inked. 

Fixes of the Issues:

Ensure the printer is loaded properly. Check the inked facet of the ribbon. Use a matched ribbon and media. Clean the printheads properly. If the problem of the zebra printer not printing something continues to be there, then you'll be able to visit the official website of the printer and take facilitate from there.

The support executives can assist you with all the problems and queries associated with zebra services. The contact information is definitely obtainable on Zebra’s official website.

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