How to Install and Configure HP OfficeJet Printer in Home?

Hello, Please let me know that how to install and configure Hp OfficeJet printer in home. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.

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Configure Hp OfficeJet Printer In Home:

An OfficeJet Printer, particularly related to the brand of the HP printer. As the name suggests these printers are created mainly for office use. Such printers are created for multiple tasks, which include print, scan and fax documents. Qualities that make Officejet Printer worth using are, it equipped with larger cartridges that are capable of holding more ink capacity and can print more pages.

Use Of Inkjet Technology In OfficeJet Printer

The OfficeJet printer is a type of inkjet printer that uses inkjet technology for printing documents. With the advance inkjet technology, Officejet can produce the finest quality of images and text on almost any paper. It can print 400 black and white and 300 color pages with one time filled ink.

The HP OfficeJet printer is no longer limited to corporate life, but people are now using it for their homes as well. But the question arises on how to install an OfficeJet printer and to configure it. With the help of the following down below, we will make you familiar with how to install the OfficeJet printer and also how to configure it.

Installation Of HP OfficeJet Printer And Setup –

  1. Unpack Your Printer at home. After it, you Will Get Two Installation Disc For Mac And Windows Computer Inside the Packing.
  2. Note that if you are not provided with the installation disc you can simply download the latest software from Official Hp Website of your printer.
  3. To Plug Printer From Power Outlet Use the Power Cord. When done with it turn your printer on.
  4. Select Your Language And then Press Yes.
  5. After selecting your language Confirm your Country And Region and make it Confirm by clicking over Yes.
  6. Set The Date on your printer.
  7. As you are installing the HP OfficeJet Printer at home for small business we recommend you Select Self Manage and click continue.
  8. Open the ink cartridge access door carefully and then Insert The Cartridge it that came with your HP OfficeJet Printer. After installing it, make sure that you close the cartridge access door.
  9. Now Printer Will check the Cartridge accordingly and will give you blink for paper.
  10. Once you get an indication from the place a clean paper into it. Adjust the paper properly And slide it inside the printer. After completing this process gently close the printer.
  11. Touch on OK button And click Continue, so that printer can start up with the Initialisation Process.
  12. After checking the paper thoroughly Printer will Grant you a test print page.

Process Of Installing Hp Printer With Computer –

You can install an HP OfficeJet printer with your computer also.

Make sure that you Connect Your Computer With Printer With the help of USB Cable:-

  • Open any browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer and then type in URL. After writing it Press the enter button.
  • Download the Printer Software and Extract the application.
  • Now, an option of Hp Easy starts Utility Will guide you connect your Printer With Wireless. It will also help you to register your product.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and hit the Continue button.
  • Make sure that Hp Auto wireless connect is enable. If yes, then click Continue.
  • Now your HP OfficeJet printer is installed and will by itself Connect And Configure your printer Using the Network by which your computer is connected.
  • Click on the Continue button. Now download Hp utility and Install it.
  • Once your printer is installed you can also Setup Scanner, Fax Machine Or Anything you want.
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