How to Keep Malware Out of Your Printers?

Is there anyone who knows about how to keep malware out of your printers. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Keep Malware Out of Your Printers:

Spoofing printers and scanners is a new trend in malware attacks used by cybercriminals. Though printers that get affected by Malware show some early warning signs, you just need to recognize it and you can protect your printer device against malware.

If you are thinking about How to keep malware out of your Printers to keep your device safe then you must go through this article once. In this guide, we have elaborated upon the early warning signs of Printers affected by malware and how to get rid of it.

Early Warning Signs that Your Printer is Affected by Malware.

Malfunctioning or unusual behavior of your printer is a general sign that your printer is affected by malware. The unusual behavior of your printer includes.

  • Irresponsive to your print command and
  • Security updates installation failure.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Malware Out of your Printers.

The below-explained reasons explained against their remedies can be analyzed or implemented to protect your printer device against malware. 

1. Cause 1: Wifi Network-Connected Printers are Easier to Hack, Remedy: Try Changing Network Settings.

It is easier to hack or malware attack wifi-connected devices. For your safety perspective try using a cable to connect your printer device to your computer.  If at your workspace or home, it is not possible to connect your printer with cable then you can also try to change your printer security settings to protect your printer against malware.

Consider the below points for enhanced printer security settings:

1. Change your printer password, Try keeping it passphrase, Do not use a machine password

2. Keep your firmware updated to its latest version.

Cause 2: Malicious attachments in the mail, Remedy: Practice good email attachment security etiquette.

Malicious attachments in your mail can affect your printer's operation. Carefully handle your emails as a malicious attachment in your mail can affect your printer with malware.

You must practice the below-mentioned good e-mail attachment etiquette with reference to e-mail attachments to protect your printer from malware.

Step 1: Don't open emails you receive from unauthorised users

Step 2: Avoid transmitting or sharing sensitive information over the mail

Step 3: Implement a spam filter in your email inbox

Step 4: Avoid downloading attachments in the mail you receive from unsolicited bulk emails

Step 5: Avoid using your private email address in every media.

Cause 3: Using Easy or Default Printer Security Passwords, Remedy: Create a Strong Password by Yourself.

If you use a machine-suggested password, it makes it easy for hackers to hack your device. If this is the case, we suggest you avoid using machine-suggested passwords or easy passwords such as @1234 or @5678.

You must create your own strong password, while creating your own password for your printer device try using one uppercase and one special character along with the numeral.

Cause 4: Using Printers without Security in Public Spaces, Remedy: Try Avoiding it.

If you want to print an important document, it is advisable to avoid printing it in multiple shared networks because it increases the risk of hacking as on shared networks anyone can access your file or document. We highly recommend, for printing any important document, use your personal printer at home or work.

Cause 5: Don't have Any Printer Antivirus Installed for Your Device, Remedy: Try Installing One.

It is safe to run an antivirus before scanning or printing any document as it can detect malware on your document (if any) and can be removed immediately.  We suggest installing one of the best-trusted antivirus tools ADWCleaner tool.

Adhere to the below instructions to install it on your device.

Step 1: Hit the Link to download the ADWCleaner tool by Malwarebytes 

Step 2: Launch the .exe file and run it as an administrator

Step 3: Launch the installed app, it will start scanning your device for any malware

Step 4: Now you can run this tool before scanning or printing any document.

Summing up:

We highly recommend trying above mentioned tips and tricks to keep malware out of your printer device. If you have tried all the above-mentioned tactics and still your printer is behaving like it is hacked or affected by malware then you must approach connecting with the technical support team of HP printers.

Do not forget to back-up your PC before applying any of the above tips and tricks to keep malware out of your printer.

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