How to Make Your Printer Wireless?

Is there anyone who knows about how to make your printer wireless. I am facing some issues while making my printer wireless. Help me.

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Make Your Printer Wireless:

A wireless printer can serve several purposes and can print from a remote location without having the need of getting connected through cords or wires. Just imagine yourself sitting in one corner of your office and willing to get the printouts of official documents from a printer stationed on some other floor of your office.

The only feasible solution to this is to get your printer connected to a wireless network or LAN and make your printer wireless. This would enable you to keep getting frequent printouts without having any need to connect your laptop or PC with the printer.

In my own case, I also wanted to have frequent printouts in just one click, so I did some research and got to know about the ways of making printer wireless. Here is a quick guide in this regard.

By Using a Bluetooth Adapter

Step 1: Just buy a Bluetooth adapter for your PC and insert it into one of many USB jacks on your CPU to make your PC identifiable on the printer console. In case of laptops, there is always a built-in Bluetooth device.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth device on your laptop or PC as the case may be.

Step 3: Now switch your printer on and pair your PC or laptop with the printer.

Step 4: Give the print command from your PC or laptop to get the printout.

By Connecting Your Printer to a Host Computer

You can connect your printer with your host computer. This would enable your printer to be shared by all the connected computers. To facilitate this hosting, you may go to the control panel or to settings and follow the steps given below.

Sharing through Settings

Step 1: Click on Start and then go to the Settings option.

Step 2: Click on Devices and Printers under Devices.

Step 3: Select the printer you are willing to share and then click on Manage.

Step 4: Now, go to Sharing Tab and select Share this Printer.

Sharing Through Control Panel

Step 1: Type Control Panel on the Search Box available on the Taskbar.

Step 2: Choose View Devices and Printers under Hardware and Sound option.

Step 3: Select and press on the printer icon for a few seconds followed by selecting Printer Properties.

Step 4: Under Printer Properties click on Sharing tab.

Step 5: Under Sharing option, click on Share this Printer.

By Connecting with a Wireless Print Server

There is yet another affordable way to make your printer wireless. You can purchase a dedicated print server box that has a USB connection on one side and an Ethernet port on the other side. Due to a built-in computer, it can receive the task of printing documents and directing it to the printer.

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