How to Network a Printer?

Is there anyone who knows about how to network a printer. I bought a new printer. But don't know about it. Help me.

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How to Network a Printer:

This article shows how to network a printer to your home network on Windows and Mac computers using an ethernet or wireless connection.

Adding a Network Printer with Windows

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is a function in all current Windows versions. Due to this capability, a printer attached to one PC can be shared with different PCs on a local network.

For other devices to communicate with the printer using this approach, the printer must be actively connected to the PC and switched on with the computer.

The following method can be used to network a printer:

On the computer, enable sharing. Go to Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing options in Control Panel > All Control Panel Items. After selecting Turn on file and printer sharing, click Save Changes.

Choose the Printers and Scanners or Devices and Printers option from the Start menu after closing the window.

Choose Printer Properties from the context menu of the target machine, click the Sharing tab, and then tick the Share this printer box.

A PC's Devices and Printers application can be used to install printers. To make the installation procedure easier, some printers come with software utilities (either on a CD-ROM or available from the web), although they are typically optional.

Network Printers Using Devices Other Than Windows

Other operating systems, as opposed to Windows, take a slightly different tack when it comes to enabling network printing:

Using manual configuration settings in the Print & Fax section of System Preferences, the latest macOS versions may automatically identify and add specific types of printers. An application termed Print Center was available in earlier versions of Mac OS X to configure printers attached to Mac computers.

Apple AirPrint provides Wi-Fi wireless printing on Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. The use of an AirPrint-compatible printer from the same brand is required.

Various Unix and Linux distributions offer standardized network printing capability. Although there are variations in user interface details, most are founded on CUPS, a popular Unix printing system.

Bluetooth Printers

A Bluetooth network feature is available on some home printers. Even so, rather than being built-in, it is frequently triggered by an external adapter. Smartphone printing is supported by Bluetooth printers.

Bluetooth-enabled smartphones must be put close to the printer for the operation to function as a short-range wireless protocol.

Printers with Networking Built-In

Small-business and residential network printers have an identical look to other varieties. Although a lot more modern versions have an inbuilt Wi-Fi antenna, these network printers still have an Ethernet port.

Network printers often have a small keypad and screen on the front of the printer where setup data may be entered. On the screen, there are also error messages that can be read to help with problem-solving.

To connect to the local network, update the printer's configuration as necessary (for example, the WPA wireless encryption keys or DHCP addressing).

Use an Ethernet cable to link an Ethernet-capable printer to a network router.

If the printer has that capability, connect a Wi-Fi printer to a wireless router or another wireless connectivity point.

Wireless Print Servers

Although they lack Ethernet or Wi-Fi capability, many older printers can connect to other devices through USB. A wireless print server is a device that connects these printers to a wireless home network.

Link the print server to a wireless network or access point, then hook the printer onto the server's USB port to utilize wireless print servers.


What is a Network Printer's Location?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners > Add device in Windows to locate a printer on a network. Try printing something on your Mac, then pick the Printer area and select Add a printer.

How do I Print to a Network Printer from an Android Phone?

Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > Printing > enable Default Printing Service or touch Add service to utilize a third-party app, to print from an Android phone. Tap Menu > Print and choose a printer to print from an app.

Why am I Unable to Identify a Printer on my Network?

Your printer might not be working. Restart your computer, restart the printer, and check the network connection's status if your printer isn't working. Check the printer to make sure that offline use is not chosen. Update the driver and reinstall the printer if the issue persists.

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