How to Perform Duplex Printing?

Hello, Please let me know that how to perform Duplex printing. I am facing some issue while printing duplex. Help me.

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Fix Perform Duplex Printing Issue:

To perform duplex printing both sides of the paper are called duplex printing. So, both sides paper are used instead of leaving one side blank. The most common justification for duplex printing is to save paper.

Some printers are capable of automatic duplex printing in which the printer reverses the sheet of paper automatically somewhere in the paper path and then prints on the reverse side.

Consult your Printer's User Guide located on Dell Support to determine whether or not it is capable of automatically perform duplex printing. The most of the printers are only capable of manual duplex printing in which the user manually reverses a printed sheet and the paper is then run through the printer a second time to use the blank side of the sheet.

Take a Look if you Have an Automatic Duplex Printing Option

To find out whether automatic duplex printing is possible on your printer, check the manual or ask the printer manufacturer. Otherwise follow below.

  • Go to the File Choose Print.
  • Go to Settings and choose Print One Sided. If you find Print on Both Sides, it means duplex printing is available on this model.

Double sided printing has several benefits:

  • Reduced paper waste
  • Lower paper and ink costs
  • Easier document management due to less papers
  • Environmentally friendliness saves trees

In case, the machine is a combination of printer and copy machine, and the latter supports two-sided copying, then the printer probably has an automatic perform duplex printing option. If Windows cannot connect to the printer for some reason, call a PC technician to fix that.

Manual Duplex Printing

If you find the printer does not have the automatic perform duplex printing option, there are two options to get over that. The first option to print on one side of different sheets, and after that manually feed these again, but face down. In Microsoft Word, you can take the following steps.

  • Go to the File Choose Print.
  • Go to Settings and choose Print One Sided. After this, choose Manually Print on Both Sides.

Word prompts you to turn the stack over and feed the pages back in. While using manual duplex printing, it better confirms the right way to reload pages based on the printer model.

Print Even and Odd Pages

This is the other method to avoid the lack of an automatic duplex printing option. Here, you will need to take the following steps.

  • Go to the File open Settings and select Print All Pages. Then, select Only Print Odd Pages. Choose Print.
  • Once the printer completed printing the odd pages, flip the stack. And, go to Settings and select Print All Pages. And, choose Only Print Even Pages. Select Print.

Manual Duplex Vs Automatic Duplex Printing

Now that you know the definition of double sided printing and what duplex printing means, you might be wondering what the difference is between manual duplex printing and auto duplex printing.

Generally, manual duplex printing is actually what it sounds like: if you are trying to print double sided, you have to manually flip the paper over after printing the first side hence you can after that send the document again to print the other side.

We know what you're thinking: manual duplex printing sounds like a pain, right? Manual duplex printing definitely needs you to assign your time and energy, but a few years ago that was the only way to print double sided, so if you wanted to cut down on paper waste and save some money you basically had to adapt this ‘no pain no gain’ manual duplex printing strategy. Today, however, the sale of automatic duplex printers has made printing double sided much easier and faster to do.

As I explained everything above, I hope you will get your answer on how to perform duplex printing and why it is important. Thank you for reading this post!!

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