How to Print to a Local Network Printer from a Chromebook?

Hello, Please let me know that how to print to a local network printer from a Chromebook. I am not able to use that. Help me.

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Print to a Local Network Printer from a Chromebook:

Printers and Chromebooks have never had such great compatibility before. Google Cloud Print facility isn't supported by every printer device. Earlier, manufacturers produced printer devices that were compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

Therefore, the users were forced to use an adaptor or purchase a printer that is compatible with the Google Cloud Print facility. Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to print to a local network from Chromebook.

Steps to Print to a Local Network from a Chromebook

Since March 2017, local printing is hidden from the users. If you want to use it, then you must enable this option. Launch your Chromebook browser and enter chrome://flags in the address bar.

Start searching for the option of "Enable Native CUPS and select the link of Enable given below the settings. This will add support for print standards. This is the system that uses internet printing protocol on your Chromebook.

Once you turn on Native CUPS, the "Printers" option will appear before you in Chrome settings. You will see this option above the Google Cloud Print option.

Go to the option of Manage and a material design version of printer settings will open up before you. There, you are going to see the option of "Add Printer". For this, you need queue settings, configured protocol, and IP address of your printer.

Once you are done entering this information and your device is not found, then choose your printer from the list of models and manufacturers. Now, when you will begin printing, the file will move from your device to the printer on the local network.

A Solution Specifically for HP Printer Devices

If you are an HP printer user, then you are available with the simplest solution. Install HP print from Chrome application.  After that, select the option of Change from the Google Print option.

It will enable you to print from your network printer directly. The application takes care of the configuration process entirely. This way, you won't have to include Google Cloud Print in your process.

Alternate Solution with IPP/CUPS Extension

If you use a third-party vendor, then it can provide you with many extensions and apps for the Chrome browser. Their products enable local and direct printing to a particular set of printers.

If you are a Chromebook user, then you must install the "Wi-Fi printer drivers for Chromebooks" application. Search for supported printers on your local network by launching the app. Once you locate the supported devices, then select the option of Change from Google Print. After that, choose your printer.

Now, with the introduction of Chrome OS Version 57, Chromebook users can print to local printers. This will come in handy for those who use Chromebooks with printers, which do not support Google Cloud Print. Local printing allows a user to print documents even when they are offline. If you don't like Google Cloud printing, then also you can go for this option.

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