How to Reconnect a Wireless HP Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that How to Reconnect a Wireless HP Printer. I am facing some issue in this while reconnect it. Help me.

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Reconnect a Wireless HP Printer:

There is no doubt in the fact that the HP printer offers exceptional conveniences to its users. However, they sometimes have to face problems when the network connection is knocked out. So, when this happens, an appropriate solution is required to reconnect a wireless HP printer to the network and start using it again.

Likewise, you must be willing to know and understand why your HP printer is not connecting to Wifi? Finally, with this guide, you can learn to reconnect a wireless HP printer.

Why Your Printing is Not Connecting to WiFi?

One of the most frustrating issues is due to the connecting network that breaks the Internet connection for your HP printer. Well, there are a few reasons why your HP wireless printer can get disconnected from your network.

Though there are several other reasons which lead your HP printer off the network. Power failure is one common and fatal reason for HP printers losing their network connections. If there is a power outage, it’s not uncommon for your HP printer to still come into offline mode even after you’ve restarted both your printer and PC.

Another common cause for such reconnecting issue is network connection problems and outdated drivers. Fortunately, we can update these drivers, but if you are doing it manually then it won’t be easy.

How do I Reconnect a Wireless HP Printer?

Now, without focussing on the causes of the printer issues, your objective is to reconnect a wireless HP printer to the network. Set a target to get everything back online and working. To do this, start by restarting your router. For this, firstly unplug the power cord from the wireless router and then wait for about 10 seconds before plugging it back in again. Following this, you will see a light blinking on your router.

Another thing you can try to reconnect a wireless HP printer is to press the wireless button on your HP printer. This action helps to turn the wireless capability off and then on again. Now, unless you find more problems ahead, you must wait for your HP printer to successfully reconnect to your router. Still, if this does not reconnect a wireless HP printer and restore the network connection, you should simply follow the next approach.

How to Reconnect a Wireless HP Printer to a New Router?

One thing you must ask yourself is, how to reconnect my wireless printer to a new router? That's a real question in such a scenario as reconnecting your HP printer might require to invest a new router. Consequently, there are all sorts of possibilities for this. In the case of the power outage, it could burst your router if the electrical socket was damaged. This is somewhere a possibility, especially in older homes with less sophisticated wiring.

So if using your existing router is not working for you then understand how to reconnect a wireless HP printer to a new router?

  • The first step to reconnect a wireless HP printer to a new router will be the same as the steps you would have followed while setting up the printer for the first time.
  • Further, start by pressing the right arrow key on the touchscreen interface of your HP printer to click the Setup option. Please note that the icon is represented by a graphic of a wrench and a gear.
  • Thereafter, you will see a setup menu from which you’ll click on the Network option. You are then redirected to another screen containing yet another menu.
  • Here, you have to click on the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Next, enter your SSID on the next screen in order to continue. Remember, your SSID is followed by your WEP/WPA passphrase. So, after inputting the passphrase, you can click Done.
  • Lastly, click the OK option and confirm your selections. The last screen you will check is one that asks you if you would like to print a wireless report. You can skip this if you do not wish to print out the report and then close the menu.
  • All these steps are not required if you retain the same SSID and network information used by your previous router when you install your new one. Try to keep the same network settings so that your HP printer automatically connects to your network once the new router is up and running.

If that also does not work and the network connection is unsuccessful, it could be because of outdated device drivers installed on multiple hardware components.

Hope this solution is helpful to reconnect a wireless HP printer again.

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