How to Reset a HP Wireless Printer Password?

Hello, Please let me know that how to reset a HP wireless printer password. I am facing some issue in changing password of HP printer. Help me.

Reset HP Wireless Printer Password:

We all know that the cyber world always has the danger of hackers lurking around. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep your computers and smartphones safe from such cyber criminals. Just like computer systems and mobile devices, your printer machines are also vulnerable to hacking. Yes, it is true that printer devices can get hacked. Honestly speaking, cyberattacks on printer devices are more often compared to computer devices.

The user can be partly responsible for such attacks on the device. If we talk about big corporates and sound organizations, then they are taking necessary actions to make sure that their data and devices are safe and secure. Sadly, they don’t take the necessary measures for the protection if their printer machine.

As per a survey conducted by an organization, there are only 41% organizations, which take necessary actions for the security of the printer devices they use. We must understand that if we will not take the needed steps to secure our technical devices, then cybercriminals will target them even more.

According to the current scenario, there are hardly 15% of the total people who think that security measures against printer hacking must be taken.

Steps to Reset HP Wireless Printer Password Manually:

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to carry out to reset HP wireless printer password.

Step 1: Go to the menu of Home on your printer device.

Step 2: Select the Right Arrow.

Step 3: Choose the Setup menu.

Step 4: Select Network

Step 5: Go down till the moment you see Restore Network Defaults. Click on it.

Step 6: Select Yes.

Step 7: Wait for your default settings to get restored.

Step 8: Go to the Control Panel and then Win+R and then insert Control Panel in the box.

Step 9: Now, go to Drivers and Printers.

Step 10: Go to the icon of a Wireless HP printer.

Step 11: Select properties

Step 12: Select the new password

Step 13: Save the reset changes that you just made.

We buy printer devices to meet our daily printing needs. Obviously, we don’t want them to affect the smooth functioning of our business. A hacked printing machine can prove to be extremely dangerous for your business as it can annoy to an extent where it will not even let you create a single hard copy. Therefore, it is necessary to take actions like reset HP wireless printer password.

Printer Hacking Today’s Common Issue:

When a printer gets hacked, a normal user may encounter problems like ink tanks getting drained, stack of paper destroyed completely. You may also experience the problem of data loss. Furthermore, you will see that this issue is very common incorporates and institutions.

Printer hacking issues may further lead to confidentiality issues and can also lead to trust issues with the customers. Obviously, which company would like to do business transactions with an enterprise that is not careful enough to think about the security of its devices.

How to Stop Printer Hacking?

The terrible thing is that HP printer devices are not armed against cyber attacks. However, you may hear that these devices have been manufactured in such a manner that it has inbuilt features of security in it. Recently, researchers have found that around 20+ printers manufactured every year are prone to such cyber attacks.

However, the actual number is higher than the suspected numbers. If hackers can easily have access to your private information, then you must not waste a single minute and take immediate action to protect your printer machine.

The first thing that you can do to fix this problem is to reset the password of this HP printer. It is recommended to change the password of your printer as hackers can easily crack the default password. Therefore to keep your printer safe, you must change its password to improve security.

Additionally, you must update the firmware of your device. Printer hack can easily get prevented by changing it and make it into a safer one. Another thing that you need to ensure is that none of the ports are open as this will allow the hackers to have access to your printer. Also, make sure that your wireless network is protected by a password.

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How to Reset a HP Wireless Printer Password?

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