How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer?

Is there anyone who knows how to resolve the ghost printing problem in printer. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Answer - 1

Are you Facing a Ghost Printing Problem in the Printer? Try These Fixes.

Ghost printing is a common issue with print quality, Ghost printing causes the printer to print a faint or a ghost copy.

Causes Responsible for the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer

  • Malfunctioning of the image drum unit of your printer device
  • The paper in your printer device is installed in the wrong way
  • High/dry humidity in the room at your printer place
  • Untidy printer rollers
  • Overheated toner and defective fuser.

Suggested Fixes to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer.

Below our team has explained the remedies corresponding to its remedy that can be applied to get rid of this issue.

Cause 1: Your Printer Device is Located in a Low or High-Humidity Area. Remedy: Try Changing the Location.

Your room temperature and humidity level in your room or workplace can affect the print quality of your printer. If you think that your room is a bit dry or humid, you can try changing your printer location or changing the settings of the room where your printer is placed. 

Cause 2: Low Ink or Toner Level in Your Cartridges. Remedy: Give It a Check.

Your cartridge or toner running out of ink might be the reason responsible for this error. First, you need to check the ink  level in your cartridges, To check the ink status of your cartridge on your PC adhere to the below instructions:

  1. Go to your "Printer" on your windows and "Right-click" on it 
  2. Hit "Printer properties" and then hit "Cartridge status".

If you find that ink level in your cartridge is low then refill it to the optimum level and if you use a toner cartridge then you can gently shake your toner cartridge.

Note: don't shake your ink cartridges, if you do so then it can end up with a mess of spilled ink al over the place.

Cause 3: Ink/Toner Density is Set to Low. Remedy: Try Changing the Settings.

In a few printer models, we can change the density of the in/toner in the settings. To change ink/toner density settings on your HP printer by following the below instructions:

  1. Type "Devices" in the Windows main search bar
  2. Tap "Devices and Printers" from the displayed list of results
  3. Right-click on your printer model and hit "Printing preferences"
  4. Hit "Economode and Toner density" in the left pane
  5. Check for your ink/toner density and if you find it low then change it. We recommend keeping it between 3 and 5.

Cause 4: Blocked Inkjet Print Heads. Remedy: Try Cleaning Cartridges.

If your cartridges are filled with ink then the blocked nozzles of your printer device might be responsible for this ghost printing. You can check for blocked nozzles and can clean cartridges by adhering to the below instructions.

  1. Try printing a self-test page from the HP printer to get to the root of the problem
  2.  Turn off your printer, Open the top of your printer,  and gently remove the cartridges
  3. Wipe out the spilled ink on the cartridge with the help of cotton cloth or earbud
  4. Put up the cartridge on waste paper or on a cotton towel and gently clean it until it starts releasing the ink
  5. If your Print head is inbuilt into your printer device,  use a dry cotton towel to gently wipe the area where ink is coming out of the printhead.
  6. Now Re-install your cleaned cartridges and run a print to check for the issue.

Cause 5: Untidy Image Drum. Remedy: Try Cleaning It.

Sometimes untidy image drum of your printer might be responsible for this issue. In this case, you just need to gently clean the excess toner powder stuck on your printer drum with a cotton cloth.

Final Words:

We really hope that the tips and tricks mentioned in this article might help the users who are fed up with faint printing and looking to resolve the ghost printing problem in Printer.

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