How to Set up an HP Envy 4520 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to set up an hp envy 4520 printer. I bought this HP envy 4520 printer but know about functioning. Help me in this.

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Setup an HP Envy 4520 Printer:


With the support to wireless printing, HP Envy 4520 printer is an all in one photo device. This printer also features support to mobile printing. This HP printer primarily functions for scanning, copying, two-sided duplex printing, Air print, etc. You can print from anywhere and using any device like your tablet or smartphone with the help of HP e-print app.

You can easily print borderless photos stretched to the edge of the paper. You can get amazing photo prints without trimming the actual picture. Apart from its powerful features, users commonly face issues while they set up an hp envy 4520 printer for home or professional purposes.

One more advanced feature of HP Envy 4520 printer is an option to choose an ink replenishment service which will allow and help the printer to track ink usage so that you can get the ink delivered before the cartridge ink runs out. Below discussed is a step by step tutorial to set up an hp envy 4520 printer on Windows system.

Quick Steps to Set up an HP Envy 4520 Printer:

Step 1 : Take out the HP Envy 4520 printer from the packaging box and carefully remove all the tape, packaging materials, stickers from inside and outside the printer.

Step 2 : Gently grip both the handles on either side of the printer and lift the ink cartridge access door till it locks into its place correctly with a click sound.

Step 3 : Clean all the packaging tape and material from inside the printer machine.

Step 4 : Push and close the access door of the “ink cartridge” of the printer.

Step 5 : Open the input tray door and pull it towards your face to extend the paper tray, and then remove the tape and other packings.

Step 6 : To close the input tray, push it forward until it snaps into its place with a click sound.

Note: The printer box and other packaging materials can be recycled.

Step 7 : Now insert one end of the power cord into the back side of the printer and the other end of the power cord into an electric socket or power source.

Step 8 : Now you can switch ON and start your HP Envy 4520 Printer. Then you can set your printing preferences.

Step 9 : Pull out and open the input tray door, facing you to extend the paper tray.

Step 10 : Move the paper and set their external position as per the width guides.

Step 11 : Load a stack or bundle of A4 size clean white paper into the paper tray with the print side down and the short edge forward.

Step 12 : Lift and close the access door of the ink cartridge until it snaps into its proper place.

Step 13 : Wait for the time until the carriage is silent. Then you can continue.

Step 14 : Lift up the lid of the ink cartridge slot.

Step 15 : Hold the sides of the ink cartridge with the help of the nozzles toward the printer.

Step 16 : Press the ink cartridge forward into its slot till it perfectly fits into the place.

Step 17 : Now, you can close the access door of the ink cartridge.

Step 18 : Properly align the ink cartridges and lift up the lid of the scanner.

Step 19 : Remember to place the alignment page on the scanner glass with the print side facing down.

Step 20 : Try positioning it according to the imprinted guides around the scanner glass.

Step 21 : So, here the printer hardware is all done and ready to work. You just need to install the printing software to set up an HP Envy 4520 printer.

Step 22 : Run the printer installation wizard by looking up and following the on-screen instructions.

Note: Remember not to quickly connect the printer to the computer until directed to do so in the printer software installation wizard.

Step 23 : You can install the printer software by downloading it from the official website or with the help of the installation CD of the printer.

Step 24 : Once the installation wizard is complete, you can choose the preferred network. After selecting the network and adding your printer, you can try to perform any of the printing functions.

If the printer effectively performs the printing actions, then you have done the connections properly. Hope the guide to set up an hp envy 4520 printer is helpful to the users.

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