How to Setup an HP Printer?

Hi, I have bought a new HP printer today. Now i want to setup my HP printer. Is there any process to setup HP printer. Please suggest any idea.

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Answer - 1

Set up HP Printer:

If you are setting up an HP printer for the very first time, then take out the packing material as well as the printer out of the box. Link all the power wires and set preferences by going to the control panel. After that, put the ink cartridges inside the printer and then insert the paper in it.

In Order to Know How to Setup HP Printer Below Mentioned are Some of the Steps that You are Required to Follow.

Step 1: Unpack the Printer

  • Take out the packing material and tape in which the printer is packed
  • In case, it is an all in one device, then you are required to remove the packing material and the tape from the scanner glass.
  • Take out the packing material and tape that is around the input tray and inside the printer.

Step 2: Connect the Printer to a Power Source and Set Preferences

  • Now for HP printer setup, you need to connect your printer to a power source and then turn on your printer.
  • After that, go to the control panel of your printer, set country/region, time, and language.

Step 3: Installation and Alignment of Ink Cartridges

  • Open the access door of your ink cartridge.
  • Wait for the carriage to get idle prior to taking the next step.
  • Now to setup HP printer,unseal the tapes that are placed on top of the ink cartridges prior to putting them inside your carriage.
  • After that, close the access door of the cartridge and carefully follow the instructions given on the printer.
  • In order to test the print quality, the printer will begin printing the alignment page.
  • Adhere to all the instructions that are mentioned on the alignment page in order to complete the procedure of ink cartridge alignment.

Step 4: Load Sheets in the Input Tray

  • Based on the type of printer, insert an entire stack of plain white sheets or paper into the input tray and keep on pushing it inside until the paper stops.
  • Now to know how to setup HP printer, try to slide the widths of the paper inside in a gentle manner, so that it can rest against its own edges.

Step 5: Connect the Printer by Downloading and Installing the Software

  • Navigate to the driver and software downloads. Now, enter the model of your printer if it asks. Then, finally confirm the version of operating system.
  • After that, download the printer driver and software that it recommends.
  • Now to setup HP printer, start installing the software after downloading it.
  • Then, select the type of connection when asked by the software and then follow the instructions that are given on the screen.

Step 6: Printer Registration

  • Registering the printer is an important step in HP printer setup. In case, you did not register the printer at the time of installation of the printer. It is going to take only a few minutes for the completion of the registration process. Moreover, you get the benefit of personal product dashboard to get an easy access to service information, product, relevant solutions and support.

Step 7: Sign into HP Instant Ink

This is the final step to perform to know how to setup HP printer. This is a service for the replacement of ink cartridge. There is no requirement for you to buy replacement ink cartridges by physically going to the retail stores if you get enrollment in HP instant ink. Currently, HP instant ink is only available in a few countries.

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