How to Setup Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer?

Please let me know that how to setup canon pixma tr4520 printer. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Setup a Canon Pixma Tr4520 Printer:

A printer will undoubtedly make your life easier, but it may take some time to comprehend it fully. If you purchased a Canon Pixma Tr4520 setup, you must first set it up before you can begin printing.

We'll go through the following points concerning How to Setup Canon Pixma Tr4520 printer, so you don't have to go through a bunch of links to find a solution to your problems:

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Canon Pixma TR4520 Print Setup

Step 1 : Switch on your printer.

Step 2 : Place the A4 pages in the input tray after opening it.

Step 3 : Before you arrange the sheets, double-check that they are aligned.

Step 4 : Download and install the necessary drivers on your computer.

Step 5 : Select the most important print settings.

Step 6 : After you've double-checked the settings, click 'apply to save your changes.

Step 7: Select the paper size and additional features based on the values.

Step 8: Select the printing quality, then leave the printing to the printer.

Step 9 : When you choose print operations with the existing setting operations, the settings will be saved.

Canon Pixma TR4520 Copy Setup

Step 1 : To begin the primary setup procedure, turn on your printer and follow the instructions.

Step 2 : In the input tray, enter the number of pages you'll need.

Step 3 : Place the original document on the scanner's work surface.

Step 4 : When you click to copy, you'll be able to select your preferred color.

Step 5 : You can choose the number of copies you require as well as the copy standards.

Step 6 : Click ‘Ok' after previewing the documents.

Step 7 : If you want to stop the procedure, click the 'stop' button.

Step 8 : Once the process is complete, remove the original copy of the document.

Canon Pixma TR4520 Scan Setup

Step 1 : Switch on your printer and computer.

Step 2 : Make all of the necessary printer adjustments.

Step 3 : Clean the scanner's surface by lifting the lid.

Step 4 : Place the original document on the scanner bed to begin the scanning process.

Step 5 : Close the scanner cover after you've inserted the documents.

Step 6 : When you click on ‘scan,' you will be able to scan the pages in the color of your choice.

Step 7 : You can save the scanned documents to a location on the system and access them from there.

Canon Pixma TR4520 USB Connection Setup

Step 1 : The appropriate drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Step 2 : To install it on the operating system, run the setup file.

Step 3 : To successfully install the drivers, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4 : The method to connect will be asked of you during the installation procedure.

Step 5 : Proceed with the setting by selecting USB as the connection method.

Step 6 : Connect the Canon PixmaTR4520 to the operating system with your USB cable.

Step 7 : Wait for the connection to establish, then make any necessary modifications.

Step 8 : Check if the connection was successful by opening the document that needs to be printed.

Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless Connection Setup

Step 1 : The Canon Pixma TR4520 can also be used with a wireless connection.

Step 2 : Before you begin, make sure the turn the printer on.

Step 3 : After it has been turned on, it will go through an alignment process.

Step 4 : Go to the LAN settings and toggle on 'wireless direct' on the screen to turn it on.

Step 5 : Complete the system's setup procedure.

Step 6 : Follow the on-screen directions to install the drivers.

Step 7 : Choose ‘wireless' as the connection type and customize the setup during the process.

Troubleshooting- Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer Not Working

Step 1 : Ensure that the printer is turned on and is connected to a power source.

Step 2 : Connecting the system to the Canon Pixma TR4520 printer.

Step 3 : If you're using a wire to connect it, check to verify if it's plugged incorrectly.

Step 4 : Restart the computer and printer after the process is finished.

Step 5 : Check to check if the problem has been resolved by printing.

Troubleshooting- Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless Setup Issue

Step 1 : Check to see if the printer is turned on.

Step 2 : Check to see that the driver is attached to the correct port.

Step 3 : Click on ‘wireless connection' in the LAN options.

Step 4 : Make sure the panel's WIFI button is switched on.

Step 5 : Assign printing responsibilities to the Canon Pixma TR4520.

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