How to Share a Printer Between Multiple Computers?

Please let me know how to share a printer between multiple computers. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Share a Printer Between Multiple Computers:

For convenience or financial reasons, those with multiple PCs at home or work might want to share a printer. This page details numerous techniques you may use to make a printer accessible to many computers. Choose the settings you want to share a printer between multiple computers. The various arrangements and their benefits and drawbacks are shown below.

Wireless Printer

Most printers on the market today can connect directly to a user's network (typically intermediate to high-end models). Due to their simplicity in detection and setup, these printers have the distinct benefit of being easy to operate.

Wireless printers are practically plug-and-play like Windows Vista and can be found by a computer's word processor or web browser. The setup of a wireless network is the sole drawback to this solution.

You can install it along with connecting the printer to each of your computers after it has been configured and linked to your wireless network.

PC or Server and Printer Connected

Connecting a printer to a host computer is the most popular method of sharing a printer (because of its simplicity and low cost). By enabling other computers on the network to print through it via a LAN (local area network) or Internet connection, the host computer essentially "shares" the printer.

The primary disadvantage of this approach is that for other computers to use the printer, the host computer must always be on. It would help if you had a network and a printer installed on the host computer to print through another networked computer.

The host computer "shares" the printer by enabling network users to print via it over a LAN (local area network) or Internet connection. The main drawback of this approach is that it requires the host computer to always be on for other devices to access the printer. The host computer must already be connected to a network and have a printer installed before you may print through another networked machine.

Particular Print Server

A hardware component known as a print server is an additional choice. Using print servers, you can connect a small network appliance that delegates, and queues print jobs for several PCs.

Print servers, which are more expensive and need more setup time, let you print even when the primary computer connected to your printer is off (network printer configuration).

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