How to Solve Your Wireless Printer Problems?

Hello, Please let me know that how to solve wireless printer problems. I m facing some issue in with this type of printer. Help me.

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Solve Your Wireless Printer Problems:

Most of us often get very irritated when our printer goes off-grid when we need it the most. Either it won’t connect or some won’t give the prints even when connected.

Generally, we think getting a wireless printer will work perfectly and we can print whatever documents without any trouble but it’s not that simple. The frustration and confusion that come with dealing with the problems of a wireless HP printer are quite unexplainable.

What is the HP Printer Problem?

One of the very obvious reasons for your wireless printer acting up could be that it’s kept at a place where the wi-fi signal does not reach properly. Even though your printer is kept right beside your pc but it’s still not working. Walls, floors, doors block the router signals.

Sure, you don’t think the placement of the printer does not play an effective role to solve wireless printer problems but try placing it at a place where the signal is proper and you might just find the solution to your problem.

Other Ways to Solve Wireless HP Printer Problems-

If moving your printer does not solve the issue then you can use the following ways and see if it works.

Connect the printer with a USB cable: if your printer works fine after connecting it with the USB cable then you can be sure that the placement is an issue. Move it to a better place, probably somewhere near the router and your problem will be solved.

Move Your Printer:

You can not imagine the things that can hinder the wi-fi signal. The pipes in your walls, the refrigerator or that fish tank in your house.

So, if your printer is too far away from the router or if there are a lot of things between your HP printer and your wi-fi router, your printer will not give the best results. Either remove the things or just keep your printer in a better place.

Do not place your wireless HP printer in a cabinet, or under a desk. And if it’s in a room with a thick door and walls you might want to consider opening the door before giving the print command.

You will be shocked at how these things can improve the performance of your HP printer.

Keep Check of the Print Queue:

A print command which has an error can be holding up the line. To solve this you will simply have to cancel the command. A very large file can take longer to download and process in order to print.

If you are printing from the phone it might take longer than it should. Therefore, you can first transfer the file to your pc and then print it. It sure improves the speed of printing your required document.

Try Rebooting Your HP Printer:

We have all been using technology for the last 20 years. And the first thing we do when any problem arises is to turn it off and on again.

If your printer is not working, unplug it, wait for a while and plug it again. Give the command again. In most cases, this usually fixes the problem.

Is the Firmware Up-to-Date:

Did your HP printer stop working after you updated your operating system? Generally, when you update your pc from windows 7 to windows 10 or any other Or a router update, you might face a problem with the printer.

The simple solution to this problem is updating the firmware. This should solve wireless HP printer problems.

Right Network on Your Cell Phone:

do you have a wi-fi extender in your home and your cell phone is connected to the extender but the printer is connected to the router.

In such a scenario, establishing a connection is impossible. Make sure both the devices are connected to the same network and your problem will be solved.

Reset the HP Printer:

if all else fails, this is your only option. This way, you will clear all settings including your wi-fi login information in order to establish a connection again. The steps to reset vary according to the models.

You can look online, or read the instruction manual to find you what works for your device. The command to reset the printers with liquid crystal display is generally found on the printers settings menu and others you can look up on the internet.

These methods should help you solve wireless HP printer problems but if there is an issue with the hardware you will have to call a technician and ask him to look into it.

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