How to Turn Off HP Ink Cartridges Subscription Plan?

Is there anyone who knows about how to turn off HP ink cartridges subscription plan. I have no idea about this. Help me.

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Turn Off HP Ink Cartridges Subscription Plan:

Utilizing an HP Subscription Plan program might not be extremely helpful or affordable. So today we're going to show you exactly how to turn off HP ink cartridges subscription plan whenever you want. Let's first define the HP Subscription Plan, though.

How Does the HP Subscription Plan Work?

With the HP Subscription Plan, you can print a set amount of pages for a set monthly charge while using HP ink cartridges. Your costs for ink, shipping, as well as recycling are all covered by the program.

Every subscription plan just takes into account how many pages you print, not how much ink you use. Because of this, even pages with a single word printed on them in black and white or colour are treated equally.

The highest-yield option costs about $25 and offers 700 pages each month. However, if you require more than this, your printer will automatically add an additional 10-15 pages for $1.

How Can I Stop the HP Subscription Plan From Working?

There are four methods to end your HP Subscription Plan subscription and come back to more practical options. We'll go over each one.

Step 1: In your HP account, skip the HP Subscription Plan.

Step 2: Access your HP account and select "My Plan" from the menu.

Step 3: The "Cancel Enrollment" as well as "Cancel Enrollment" button should be clicked. 

Step 4: You should receive a formal email from HP as soon as you finish the preceding procedures verifying that you were successful in cancelling the program.

In the Devices and Printers Tab, Discontinue the HP Subscription Plan Program

Step 1: Open the Devices and Printers tab in the Control Panel of your computer if you utilise Windows.

Step 2: Navigate to the Account Settings tab.

Step 3: Select "Cancel My Subscription" from the menu.

Step 4: Type in your email address as well as the account password.

You'll automatically be informed as you finish the prior stages that your HP Plan subscription will expire at the conclusion of the billing period. However, following such cancellation, you won't be able to utilize the same ink cartridges; instead, you'll need to buy new ones in order to carry on printing.

Reset Your Printer's Settings to Their Default State

Although it's not the most effective solution, you might try restarting your printer if you're having difficulties using the other solutions we've already discussed. 

Step 1: We cannot, however, promise that using this method will always disable your HP Subscription Plan.

Step 2: Open the Printer Tools application on your HP printer.

Step 3: The menu option from the screen's top.

Step 4: "Restore Printer To Factory Default Settings" button should be clicked. With a chance, this will reset your printer and deactivate the HP Subscription Plan.

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