HP 8620 Says Connected But Won't Print?

I have a HP 8620 wireless printer connected to my home network and the PC is Windows 7. The printer was working fine until last night when it suddenly stopped printing and all my print commands are going to print queue even though my printer is connected to the network. I tried switching off/On a couple of times but the problem is still there. can anyone here suggest any troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue?


HP printer is connected but not printing anything then check these highlighted procedures -

Check basic things 

  • Have you turned on your HP Printer?
  • Does HP printer have sufficient paper and toner?
  •  Is your printer properly connected to your system?
  • Does your HP printer have power?

Restart everything

No matter you have connected your HP printer via wired or wireless network, just restart all devices that you are using right now including computer, router, wireless access point and also your HP printer. It does not matter how your network is configured, if any device gets hanged then it can affect other devices too. To get the network humming again, just restart all devices. Note – Simply restart everything, don’t think to reset the device to factory defaults.

Check ink or toner issues

Usually, a printer gets into offline mode when it is out of ink, toner or even paper. Use onscreen print manager to check ink levels and monitoring output jobs. Also check paper tray alert, low toner message because these things are also responsible for creating conflicts with HP printer.

Look for paper jam

As we all know it is extremely easy to clear paper jams. But while clearing paper jams, make sure you have removed every little bit of jammed sheet. On the other hand, if you are facing occasional jams then try special cleaning that is specially designed to clean platens, rollers and other things that lie ion the paper’s path.

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HP 8620 Says Connected But Won't Print?

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