Hp Laserjet Pro Mfp m281cdw Not Working with Microsoft Office?

Hello everyone, I have a HP Laser Jet Pro printer for last 3months and its work fine but recently when I attached my printer with Microsoft Office then its not working and I 'm unable to find solution. So can anyone give me a suggestion how to resolve this error

2 months ago

This issue might arise because of insufficient user permissions. The permission structure of the temp folder is in an illegal or corrupt state. This issue can be resolved by deleting the corrupt temp folder and creating a new one. This corrupted folder is referenced as “%temp%.” . To get a better review the users need to view “D:\Users\[myusername]\AppData\Local\Temp”. Try to delete the folder directly when you try to delete the folder an active file in the background won’t delete.

Try to delete the files again. You will notice the two files are microsoft onedrive and zoomit 64. Onedrive is a part of microsoft so we are not sure whether it gets deleted or not. Try to unlink a onedrive file from windows and delete it. When you successfully delete the folder, try printing any file from MS Outlook. Create a new temp folder and go to recycle bin and restore the HP folder which got deleted earlier. Creating a new temp folder will give you permissions and you can easily print with outlook and office without any issue.

Also look at the following guidelines to resolve this issue;
  • Go to “My computer” on your desktop and open “control panel” < “User Accounts”
  • Click on User Accounts again and take a look at your username.
  • Now right click on the Start button and select Run.
  • Now Type %temp% and select OK.
  • Right click on the Temp folde and press Properties.
  • Within the Security tab click on Edit & then press Add and type your username.
  • Use Check names to verify the username and then press OK.
  • Check the box next to Allow to gain full control and then tap Apply.
  • Press Yes, then keep pressing Continue for any alert, there might be quite many alerts till you are back within the Security tab.
  • Click on “OK” and check if the printer is working fine.

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Hp Laserjet Pro Mfp m281cdw Not Working with Microsoft Office?

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