HP Printer Shows Connected to Wireless But will Not Print

Hello, my HP printer shows connected to wireless but it's not printing. I have no idea why it's happening. Please give me any idea about how to solve this HP printer connected to wifi but not printing issue.

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Answer - 1

Solution for Fix HP Wireless Printer Not Printing:

If you have updated your computer system to Windows 8 on a wireless network or ethernet connection and you encounter the problem of HP printer shows connected to wireless but will not print, then we have a solution for you. If you are frequently facing the issue of file getting stuck in the print queue or it does not print.

HP Wireless Printer not Printing Issue Comes up in Case of the Following Conditions:

  • When you are running your computer system on Windows 8 operating system.
  • The driver that you are using is an in-operating system driver, which starts installing at the moment when the Windows detects the device.
  • You printer is connected by using a wireless or wired network.

Step 1: Please make sure that your HP printer and computer system are linked to the same wired or wireless network

If they are connected to the wireless network

  • Go to computer screen’s lower left corner and right click on it. After that, click on the desktop.
  • Move to the notification area of your system and click on the icon of wireless. It is placed near the clock.
  • In case it shows your wireless network, then enter it, so that it can be used in the next step.
  • In case, it is not your network, for example, it is linked to a local network. Link with your personal network before going ahead.
  • To ensure that your printing device is connected to the network, take a print out of the network configuration page for checking the status of internet connection.
  • View the configuration page to know the status of wireless connection.
  • Please ensure that the printer is connected to the network.
  • Now to solve the problem of HP printer shows connected to wireless but will not print, move forward with the step of uninstalling the in-OS driver.

Step 2: Uninstall the Print Driver

Prior to the installation of the full feature driver, uninstall the print driver that was automatically installed by Windows 8.

  • Now, go to the start menu and right click on it. Now, go to the lower left corner of the screen. Now, go to search and click on it. After that, type devices and printers.
  • After that, click on devices and printers.
  • Select your printer’s icon and right click on it. After that, select remove device.

After that, your computer system will start uninstalling the printer software.

Step 3: Download and Install the HP Printer

There are a lot of printers that have 2 or 3 drivers present on the HP support. They are available on the webpage that contains software and driver downloads. The choices include full features and basic drivers. If you want to get rid of your problem of HP printer shows connected to wireless but will not print, then you must download the full feature printer software.

These are Some of the Steps That you Need to Follow in Order to Download the Full Feature HP Printer.

Step 1 : First of all, turn your printer on.

Step 2 : After that to get rid of the problem of HP printer shows connected to wireless but will not print, remove the USB wire from the printer.

Step 3 : The software installation asks you to link the wire if required.

Step 4 : Go to HP website and then go to customer support. After that, navigate to the driver and software downloads.

Step 5 : In case, let’s identify your product page shows up, then select printer and enter the model number of your printer. Then, select submit.

Step 6 : In case, there is a need of changing the operating system. Select change and then go to your version and then choose change.

Step 7 : Below the heading of the driver and then select download for downloading the complete software package. Select basic drivers for the options of other driver.

Step 8 : If by following these steps your issue HP wireless printer not printing gets resolved, then you don’t need to go forward with troubleshooting.

Step 9 : If the issue remains there, then move forward with the next step.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to get rid of the problem of HP printer connected to wireless but not print.

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