Printed Page is Completely Black on a Laser Printer?

I have a Kodak laser Printer at home for more than over a year now. I use it for my day-today printing chores and was quite satisfied with its working, recently I changed my computer and location and something weird happened, since the relocation like form last week my printer prints plain black paper for any kind of print job. I do not know what to do or what is wrong with my printer. Does anyone here have any idea on how to fix this?

Troubleshoot printing issue of Kodak laser printer in this way -

Turn on Color option

  1. On your system’s desktop, go to Start button and then navigate to Settings.
  2. After opening Settings menu, choose “Printers” option.
  3. Next, press right click on your Kodak printer and then choose the option “Properties”.
  4. On the Properties window, you have to select “Printing Preferences”.
  5. In the next step, choose “Paper/Quality” tab and then tap on Color option. Press Ok. Now, try to print a colored document from your Kodak printer to check if it is printing correctly or not. If the issue still persists then try next procedure.

Clean Kodak printer’s printheads

To clean Kodak printer ‘s printheads, first press and hold down the Power button and Resume button simultaneously. (Press 6 times)
Gently release the Power button and your Kodak printer will automatically clean printheads. Then print a colored document to check if still your Kodak printer is printer appropriately or not.

Check ink cartridges

It might be possible that you are using a faulty cartridge and because of which your Kodak printer is printing black only. To change the ink cartridge, open the front cover of your Kodak printer and remove cartridges gently. After removing the previous cartridge, you have to insert a new color cartridge.


Printed Page is Completely Black on a Laser Printer?

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