Share Printers & Files Even Though HomeGroup has been Removed in Windows 10

Is there anyone who knows how to share printers & files even though HomeGroup has been removed in Windows 10. I am facing some issue while doing this. Help me.

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Share Printers & Files Even though HomeGroup has been Removed in Windows 10

The Homegroup feature was introduced in the Windows 7 operating system to simplify the process of sharing resources across a small network with other users. A homegroup comprises a group of computers on a home network which allows sharing printers and files with other people in your homegroup. 

Homegroup was available in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 but recently Microsoft has removed the feature from the latest version of Windows 10. You might have noticed that the homegroup feature is no longer available if you are using a new version of windows. 

You won't find any features of homegroup anywhere in the latest version of Windows 10 as the feature has been removed from the control panel, file explorer and settings app.

Microsoft has retired the homegroup feature in windows 10 because according to Microsoft, the homegroup feature was useful for the pre-mobile and pre-cloud data whose functionality is now built right into Windows 10 and apps. 

Whether it is using Onedrive to share files or connecting printer and computer on your home network via the Share features, Windows 10 makes sharing content by connecting multiple devices streamlined and simple and this is the main reason why the homegroup feature has been removed as is no longer operational in Windows 10.

How to Share Files and Folders and Printers without Homegroup Features?

1. Send Files with the Share Feature

You can use the share feature to share one or more files with another user inside the home office network or across the world only one time as it comes built into file explorer and modern apps.

Step 1- Open the File Explorer

Step 2- Browse to the folder location where the files are kept

Step 3- Select the desired files

Step 4- Click on the Share tab

Note- You can alternatively right-click the selection and choose the share option in the context menu and also this option can be found in many apps that you acquire from the Microsoft store.

Step 5- Click on the Share button

Step 6- Select the contact, application or nearby sharing device

Step 7- To share the content continue with the on-screen directions.

2. Share Files with OneDrive

Windows 10 comes with built-in Onedrive functionality to share files and folders with friends, families and colleagues. You can use the Onedrive cloud storage service to share your files, folders and documents with others and in addition to this, you can also sync files and folders between computers that allows you to easily share them with others.

Step 1- Click on the file explorer

Step 2- From the left panel click the Onedrive folder

Step 3- Browse to the folder location to select the files

Step 4- Select the share option by right-clicking on the file

Step 5- Click the anything with the link can edit option if you want to edit the file

Step 6- If you only want someone else to view the file clear the allow editing option.

Step 7- Click on the apply button

Step 8- Click the copy link option to copy the file to the clipboard or confirm the email address of the person you want to share the file with

Step 9- You can add a personalized message if you wish to add.

Step 10- Click on the send button

3. Sharing Printers in Windows 10

Step 1- Open the Settings app by pressing the WIN + I key together or selecting the start menu.

Step 2- Now go to the devices option.

Step 3- Select printer and scanner section clicking on devices.

Step 4- Click the install printer name in the right-side panel

Step 5- Click on the manage button

Step 6- Click on the printer properties link once it opens the information page of the printer

Step 7- Go to sharing tab once the properties window of the printer opens

Step 8- Click on the change sharing options button

Step 9- Enable share this printer option after launching the properties window and add or modify the printer name

Step 10- Apply the changes and you are done with sharing.

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