Text Quality or Missing Black Ink on Output from All in One Kodak Printer

My all in one Kodak printer is not printing appropriately. Sometimes, text quality degrades and sometimes my printer does not print black ink when plain paper is selected. If I use photo paper, everything seems to work fine. I have also tried cleaning methods but everything goes in vain. Suggest me what can I do in such circumstances o that my printer can print properly?

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

If Kodak printer is not printing black then -

  1. First of all, you have to lift the lid of your Kodak printer and then wait for some time so that cartridges can come to the center. It is also suggested that don’t touch the ink cartridges by bare hands as this can cause serious damage to Kodak printer.
  2. Now you have to lift the cartridge cover and then tilt the black ink cartridge forward. After this, you have to carefully lift the cartridge (black) and then set the print cartridge aside. Close the Kodak printer cover.
  3. Turn the ink cartridge downwards and examine if it has dried ink or paper dust. As the time passes, the print cartridges can accumulate debris and this can block inkjets. Due to blocked ink jets, cartridges stop working.
  4. To clean ink cartridges, take some warm water in a bowl and dip a cotton swab into it. Using that wet swab, you have to clean the cartridges until all dried ink & paper dust gets removed. Although you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean dried ink and paper dust from an ink cartridge.

If text quality is not fine then -

  • If you are printing an image from the web then it should have a PPI of 72 to 100. To print with clarity, the image to be printed should have a resolution of at least 150 PPI.
  • There is the various number of quality settings that range from Draft to Best Quality. It is recommended to use the highest quality of print settings while printing any document. Well, it is suggested, use the lowest quality settings “Draft” to determine where the image prints on the physical page.
  • If you are using the incorrect type of paper or loaded on the wrong side then definitely you will face printing issues. It is recommended by experts to use inkjet papers only for inkjet printers and laser paper for laser printers. If you are using glossy paper and also have loaded on the wrong side then definitely your Kodak printer will print blurred text.
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