What does Collate Mean When Printing with Printer?

Hello, Please let me know what does collate mean when printing with printer. I have no idea about that. Help me.

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Collate Mean When Printing with Printer

Printing projects come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and a huge variety of other potential options. One of the most common options you may experience is a request to “collate” the printed pages of a project.
Many users have this question What Does Collate Mean When Printing? Many users look for the answer to what collating means. So, are you the one looking for the same answer? Are you wondering What Does Collate Mean When Printing? Well then, here in this blog, we’ll tell you all the details about collating in printing.

What is Collate Printing?

The word collate means a group text held together in a logical order. It has various applications but if we only talk about printing, then it specifically refers to the automated print setting. Here, collated documents mean sheets getting printed in logical sets. The print jobs which are collated, create sets of documents that are printed in a logical order.

Manual collation of documents can also be done. This used to happen during the days of the printing press. But now with the introduction of advanced technology, we have forgotten that basic printer devices can perform the collate function.

When should One Use Collate Printing?

Collate printing should be used when you need multiple copies of a document with several pages, which one needs to read in sequential order. If there are more pages and more copies, then it is very advantageous to use collate printing.

For example, if you have to distribute notes of 60 pages to a class of 40 students, then collate printing is what you need to do. Once you do this, then you will not have to sort the pages once you are done printing. This is helpful because the sheets are grouped in the sets that too in the perfect order. Plus, it is very time saving and does not involve much hassle.

Collate printing is extremely useful and it is a standard function in the home as well as office printers. You may have used collated printing more frequently in comparison to non-collated printing. This is because PDF and MS Word documents generally get printed in collations. There is a default check on collated copies whenever you go for printing documents on your Windows computer.

Collate printing can also be used if you want to print books. Automated collation is considered very effective and efficient for perfect binding. Collate printing is extremely beneficial for businesses. This option is great if you want to print large sets of PDF documents.

How to do Collate Printing?

This feature is the same on almost every printer. If you wish to do collated printing, then you will have to check the option of collate printing prior to pressing the print button. The option has a symbol that represents 3 pieces of paper, one covering the other forming layers.

Select this option and you will be able to print your documents in sequential order. You can also do collation offline. The offline collation can be done both manually as well as automated.

So, this is what collate mean when we talk about printing.

What is the meaning of Uncollated Printing? 

To understand uncollated printing, you need to first understand the meaning of collated printing. Collated printing can be defined as printing more than one copy of a document containing multiple pages, and all the pages of each copy will be printed in a sequential order. In collate printing, you do not have to manually divide each page to get printed.

Uncollated printing is type printing where the pages of a document get printed out without arranging them in a particular order. For example, If you want 4 copies of a document containing 3 pages, then in uncollated printing, it will print 4 copies of the 1 page, 4 copies of the 2 pages, and finally 4 copies of the last page. 

This printing method is helpful when your document pages are not in the correct order.

When to print uncollated?

Printers are a great addition to your academic and professional life. They make your work hassle-free and less time-consuming at times when you want to just focus on work. Over the years, we have seen a lot of evolution in printers. 

Every year, new features are added to make them more efficient and user-friendly. One of the best things about printers is that they come with different setting options. You can set them according to your needs and demands.

Collate printing is one such feature of the printers that helps you print multiple document copies in just one click without manually setting the pages in order.

What does collate mean when printing double-sided?

While changing the printer settings to the collate option, you will also come across options like double-sided or single-sided. The double-sided collate printing means that it will print all the odd number pages first and then print the even number pages. This is done because it is easier to sort them and assemble them in order.

This way, all the pages of the first copy of documents are printed out and set in a specific order, and then the printing of the second copy starts. 


Printers can help you handle your work life and increase your productivity. You can set the settings according to your needs and work smoothly. The advanced printers are budget-friendly and come with a long life. Printers are a great investment for your work life.

FAQs of Collate Mean When Printing with Printer

Q Should I collate when printing or not? 

Ans Choosing collated or uncollated printing options depends upon your need and the nature of the document you are printing. If you want multiple copies of a rightly set document, then the collate option is the best. But, if the pages of the documents are not set correctly, then go for uncollated printing.

Q What are collated vs uncollated pages? 

Ans The terms collate and uncollated are used for printing methods. In collate printing, the pages are set in the right order without any manual hassle. In uncollated printing, the pages are printed out one by one as the pages are not set in the correct order.

Q: Does collated mean double-sided? 

Ans: No, It does not always mean double-sided printing. Some printers have double-sided options available, and some don't. Collated printing is a printing method that is used when you want multiple copies of a document containing multiple pages.

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