When should I Replace My Printer Cartridge?

Please let me know when should i replace my printer cartridge. I have bought a new printer but don't have any idea about its cartridge. Help me.

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Replace my Printer Cartridge:

You may see an out-of-sync message on your printer screen. If such a message appears, then that means you need to get your cartridges replaced. However, you don't need to get them replaced, the moment you receive this message.

If you want to be sure whether your cartridges require replacement or not, then there are some things that you can try out to check. Here, we are going to explain some tips that can help you extend the life of your cartridge. This can delay the replacement order of your cartridge. 

Check the Level of Ink on the Display of Your Printer

Whenever you are not sure how much ink is left in your cartridge, you must check the printer cartridge levels. Every printer device has a cartridge-level monitoring system. This screen tracks the remaining toner or ink.

You can find most of the cartridges under the section of Maintenance of your display screen. If a particular color ink is low, then you must go ahead with the print test. 

Run a Print Quality Report

The print quality report breaks the health of an ink cartridge. Whenever you perform a test, it prints a color sample of every cartridge, and then you will be able to tell which cartridge is not performing well.

You can also find this test under the maintenance section of your printer's display. You can also access it using the software which was downloaded when you installed your printer device. 

Run Printhead Cleaning and Then Print 

The poor test results do not mean that you have to go out and purchase a new ink cartridge. In case you have not printed in a long time, then you must clean your print head. The process of cleaning is going to take a few minutes. When it is done, you will be able to do a test print once again.

If the test pattern is good enough, then you must go ahead with printing. If you find that the quality is poor, then allow your printer to sit for 10 minutes prior to performing the second cleaning. This will allow the ink to soak on your printhead.

When you run a cleaning process on your printer, it uses some ink inside the cartridge. So, don't worry if the ink level goes down a bit once the cleaning is over. Therefore, it is not recommended to run cleaning more than 1-2 times. Performing many cleanings can totally deplete your ink cartridge. 

Prime the Cartridge If You are Using a Laser Printer

A lot of laser printers do not have the option to run cleaning from the display screen. This is because they use toner instead of ink. However, they can be primed using a different method. If you wish to increase the life of your printer, then you must remove it and shake it a few times.

This will redistribute the toner powder and allows you to print a little longer. You must do it over a trash bin as some toner powder can escape at the time of the process. Shake the cartridge 2-3 times and then reinstall the cartridge.  

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