Where to Refill Printer Cartridges?

Please let me know that where to refill printer cartridges. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Refill Printer Cartridges:

Cost-conscious business owners look for an effective way to save a buck as they consider reusing the empty printer cartridges of their workshop. Printer cartridges are surprisingly costly and as an alternative method, you should think of refilling them at a store.

Having your old cartridges refilled is considered to be less costly than replacing the cartridges and buying new ones as it can save your business a considerable amount of money in the long run particularly if you or your employee do a fair amount of printing.

So the question arises where to refill printer cartridges? There are numerous places where you can have your empty printer cartridges refilled.

Office Max

You will be pleased to learn that Office Max offers a speedy ink refilling service if you are regularly purchasing workplace essentials from the office supplies giant Office Max. They will inspect to determine whether your cartridges are still usable or not after taking your empty cartridges to the service counter of your local store.

If they are refillable then the cartridges will be cleaned and purged of any dried out residual ink before refilling and the cost is typically half of what you needed to spend on your new cartridge.


One of the nation's largest warehouse clubs, Costco is another convenient option for multitaskers who want to refill printer cartridges. The experts will inspect, clean and refill your printer cartridge once you simply drop off your empty printer cartridges at the photo counter of the store.

You can do some grocery shopping while you wait, along with checking the latest fashion or electronics in the departmental store.  The quality of Costco ink has been deemed mediocre even if it charges less for its refilling service than other options.


Consider taking advantage of the one-hour refilling of printer cartridge service at your local Walgreens if you are a fan of multitasking. Browse the new arrivals on the magazine rack or shop for grooming products or pick up a prescription while your printer cartridge gets refilled.

You need to take your printer cartridges to the store just like in the case of Office Max where the experts will inspect the cartridges and then clean and refill them.


The cheapest and the most effective alternative way is to refill the printer cartridge by yourself with a syringe and a bottle of printer ink.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Printer ink you can buy from a computer Store
  • 1 ml disposable syringe-smaller the needle better will be the refilling.
  • Printer cartridge

Step 2: The Cartridge

Covering the top cover of the cartridge is a black spot that has a hole through which the ink can be injected into the cartridge. You need to locate the hole and simply pierce the black spot with a needle.

Step 3: Refilling the Printer Cartridge

Inject the syringe into the hole after drawing ink into it. Let the ink settle at the bottom of the sponge and the cartridge should be allowed to sit for a few hours once it is refilled.

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