Why After Changing a Cartridge Will the Printer Not Print?

Please let me know that why after changing a cartridge will the printer not print. I am facing some issues while printing. Help me.

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Fix After Changing a Cartridge Will the Printer Not Print:

You may have replaced the ink cartridge of your printer but you may still be thinking why after changing a cartridge will the printer not print as there could be several reasons that may act as a hindrance and could actually prevent you to get the printout of some urgent office documents even after you have replaced the cartridge. 

This articulated guide doesn’t just come explaining possible reasons that can really make you think why after changing a cartridge will the printer will not print but also prescribes feasible solutions pertaining to the same.

Removal of Protective Tape can Facilitate Printing

If the protective tape affixed on the cartridge is not removed, the ink from the nozzle will not come out ultimately resulting in hindrance to the printing function. 

To quickly fix the same you just have to take off the protective tape after carefully removing the cartridge from the printer which will serve as the solution to your apprehension as to why after changing a cartridge will the printer not print.

A Few Noteworthy Points:

  1. Carefully look on and around the cartridge to find the protective tape only.
  2. You also need to take into account that this protective tape may differ in color depending on the model of your printer.      
  3. While removing the protective tape you have to be aware of the fact that other stickers and labels on the cartridge shall not be removed as they are meant for preventing the drying of the cartridge.

You must Reset the Ink Cartridge Counter

There may be a possible scenario that either the new cartridge may not be recognized by the Ink Cartridge Counter or the same may read the cartridge as empty. For this, you will have to reset the cartridge by referring to the user manual of your specific printer if your printer doesn’t have a built-in feature to reset the cartridge automatically.  

Running an Extended Cleaning Cycle may also Help

If your printer has been away from use for a substantial length of time then also it can prompt you to imagine why after changing a cartridge will the printer not print. In such an undesirable situation you are advised to execute an Extended Cleaning Cycle that will eventually pave way for your printer to recognize the cartridge. 

To get this process of the Extended Cleaning Cycle done you must first hold down the Cleaning Button of your printer followed by acting in accordance with what your printer’s user manual prescribes in this regard.

Removing Bubbles from the Ink Cartridge

If you have refilled the ink cartridge then the existence of air bubbles in the reservoir may prevent the flow of ink as the cartridge ink may have settled down at the bottom of the reservoir. This can be effectively taken care of by injecting more ink into the sponge via the Exit Hole. 

Also, the air bubbles may have gotten trapped inside the cartridge ultimately blocking the flow of ink which can be fixed by allowing the ink to settle eventually so that air bubbles get dislodged on their own. If you still experience the existence of the air bubble then you must start tapping the cartridge to dislodge the bubble after gently removing the cartridge.

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