Why Does My Kodak Printer not Detect My Mac?

I have a Kodak printer for last 8months and its work fine but recently I have purchase Mac and problem is that my Mac is not connected with my printer and I restart printer many times and also check Mac and printer connection but facing same problem and my Kodak printer not detect my Mac.So can anyone give me suggestion for how I resolve this problem.

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Mac not Detecting Kodak Printer:

If your Mac is not detecting Kodak printer. Then there could be issues with either some of the drivers or there is an issue with the wires. Here I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue, make sure to follow the instructions carefully:

1. Power Cycle your setup: If your Kodak Printer and the Mac are in perfect working condition and still your Mac could not detect the printer, then power cycle the whole setup. Switch Off your Mac, your Kodak Printer and wait for a few minutes. After sometime, power it on wait for the signals to stabilize and then check whether your printer or Mac is able to detect the other.

2. Driver Issue: Mac does not support third-party software installation. It generally detects the device and search the internet for appropriate drivers associated with it. So, in case the Mac is not able to detect your Kodak printer, you need to manually download and install the printer driver on Mac.

So open the browser on Mac, head over to the official website ( for your Kodak Printer, goto its Drivers and Downloads section. Here, enter the model number of your device and all the associated drivers and firmware will appear. Download each of them one by one and then install it on your Mac. Reboot the system and then try connecting your Printer again.

3. Reset your Printer: If the above given methods did not resolve the problem either, we recommend you to reset the printer to default. This will wipe out any issues and changes made to your printer along with the cause of the issue. So head over to the settings and reset the printer to default Factory settings.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting methods will resolve the issue of Kodak Printer not Detect  Mac, in case you have any problem with the mentioned steps or if your issue still persist, contact Kodak Printer team for complete assistance and solutions.

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