Why I am Unable to Uninstall HP 7140XI Printer Software?

Hello, I have recently bought a Canon laser printer for my home needs as my HP printer was old and too rusty to work. While I configured my new printer into my Windows PC pretty smoothly, a weird thing is going on with the HP printer software. I have trying my best to uninstall it but the system just hangs for few minutes and software remains intact. I even tried deleting the files from C drive where it is located but for some reason I cannot uninstall the software. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

  •   Mick
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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Follow these on-screen instructions to uninstall HP 7140XI printer software -

  1. Click on Start button followed by Control Panel. On Control Panel window, choose the option “Add or Remove” program.
  2. From the list of all available programs, locate your HP 7140XI printer software. After this, click on the option, Change/Remove.
  3. Now you have to follow on-screen prompts that are appearing on the screen with the HP Uninstall Utility. At this moment, you also have to give confirmation that you are completely uninstalling HP printer software.
  4. Turn off your HP printer if it is still connected to your operating system. Then unplug the USB cable from the HP printer and computer.
  5. On your computer screen, go to Start and type print in the search box. Now a window will pop-up on which you have to click on Print Management.
  6. Move to the left-hand panel and then press double click on print servers option.
  7. Press right click on your operating system name that is appearing on the list and then choose the Properties option.
  8. Move to Drivers tab and then find the proper HP printer model name that is previously installed on your operating system.
  9. Then remove the HP printer driver package by choosing correct radio button. You can also choose the option “Remove driver only” or “Remove driver & driver package”. Just choose the OK button and completely remove the driver from your operating system.
  10. Now, restart your operating system to allow the installation to be done.

Hope, after going through above steps you will be able to remove all traces of HP 7140XI printer software from your operating system.

  •   Cliff
  • lay  4 months ago