Why My Xerox Printer is Offline?

Please let me know that why my Xerox printer is offline. I am facing some issues while printing this printer, It's showing me offline. Help me.

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Xerox Printer is Offline

The Xerox printer is offline, and this problem may cause a hindrance to your smooth experience. The reason behind this problem could be many things, like the queue causing the problem and interfering with the system's working, an outdated printed driver, or incompatibility with the Windows OS printer driver.

Maybe the Xerox printer is set up in offline mode manually, and it may require resetting. Here is how you can try to fix the problem. Check all the cables and network wires, perform a software reset, and try disconnecting the Printer from the power source and reconnecting it. These are some of the things that you can do to troubleshoot this issue on your own. 

Offline Error on Your Xerox Printer

This Xerox Printer is an Offline problem, and we have an efficient remedy. But do you know why the printer was offline? This can happen for many reasons: loose wires and USB cables break down the connection between the printer, the computer, and the router. 

  • The work in the queues causes problems and interferes with the system.
  • An old printer driver and an incompatible Windows OS print driver cause problems while printing.
  • The offline notice displays your Xerox printer because you manually placed it offline.
  • Minor technical problems with the printer require your Xerox printer to reset or restart.

How can I get my Xerox Printer Online Back?

The best solution for Xerox Printer is Offline; errors may be found in this area. All these procedures must be followed in the same way as above. Once the difficulty is addressed, the problem can be aborted. 

Review Cables and Network Wires

These procedures must be followed in accordance with wireless or Ethernet-related Xerox printers.

  • Review and ensure that Ethernet cables are not broken and worn out.
  • Turn off your router & printer Ethernet wire and verify that the connection is not broken.
  • Return to the printer and router (Make sure to hear the click sound).
  • Make sure that the Internet lights flash appropriately on your router.
  • Click on your PC on the System Tray icon to see whether you are utilizing a wireless router and connect with your local router.
  • Connect the same network connection to your Xerox and PC.

Xerox Printer Software Reset

To reset the software, use the control panel of your printer. This procedure removes transient files from the system and network controller.

  • Check that your printer is on.
  • Allow the control panel to be lit and shown.
  • Now, on the side panel, press the Login / Out button.
  • Input the credentials if you're asking for the System Administrator.
  • To the bottom of the panel, click the Machine Status button.
  • On the screen, tap the Tools tab and choose Troubleshooting.
  • In the Features section, click Resets.
  • Now choose Reset Software.
  • Choose All Software > Reset under Reset Options.

Off and On Xerox Printer Power

This step helps to clean the printer's volatile memory. Use the procedures below since the wrong shutdown may harm the inner hard disk or create a printer problem.

  • Switch Xerox off
  • First of all, save all documents and make sure that no print is outstanding.
  • Now, in the tiny slot beneath the control panel, discover the secondary power button. Check for the exact position in the printer handbook.
  • Switch it off, and you'll discover it once.
  • Wait 10 seconds to remove the touch panel altogether.
  • Now, the page of your printer has to be opened, and the primary switch is disabled.
  • Close the tab


These are the seven methods to fix the offline error of the Xerox printer. Most likely, a Network Connection Error and broken connections or wires cause the problem. In other situations, we additionally blame it for port configuration and activation of SNMP status.

If the initial procedure fails to achieve the goals, you have to reinstall the printer as a final option. In order to repair the problem offline and save you time, contact our support staff for the printer.

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