Why Vista is Not Recognizing My Kodak Printer?

I have got a Kodak printer for my home needs. I borrowed it from my elder sister who was getting an upgrade. I use a Windows Vista PC at home. When I connected the printer to my computer nothing happened. For some reason my Vista is not able to recognize my Kodak printer. Is there a way to fix it? Kindly help me out here!

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

If Vista won’t recognize Kodak printer then check these things -

  • Check all connections

    Double check all connections that you really made for connecting Kodak printer to your computer. Confirm that Kodak printer is on and all USB connections are plugged securely. Also, double check that ink and paper are loaded properly on your printer. Turn off and on your Kodak printer and also reboot your computer. Then remove the power cord from the wall and wait for a couple of moments. After some time, plug it back into discharge any energy as that might be causing malfunctioning.
  • Remove & Reinstall Kodak printer

    If the initial installation was not performed correctly then your Kodak printer will not cooperate. As we all know some printer installation process is as simple as plugging a USB cable but while installing Kodak printer, you have to install the software first before connecting Kodak printer to the computer. To uninstall Kodak printer through Control Panel, locate Devices & Printers icon and then press right click on your printer. Choose the option “Remove Device” and reinstall your printer by following on-screen prompts. For proper installation procedures, you can also check Kodak printer official website.
  • Empty print queue

    When previous print job caught in the print queue then your Kodak printer refuse to respond. Due to stuck print jobs, no new job respond and hence there is need to clear print queue. For this, press double click on Kodak printer’s icon that is displaying in the bottom of the desktop. If no icon displays in desktop’s notification bar then open Control Panel and then click on “Devices & Printers”. After this, press double click on Kodak printer. Then move to Printers menu, choose “Cancel all documents”. By doing this, the print queue will get cleared and now you can send a new job.
  • Download new drivers

    As we all know things move very fast in this computer world so everything requires updating from time to time. Using outdated or corrupted drivers might responsible for creating conflicts between your Kodak printer and computer. For installing latest drivers, visit Kodak official website and download latest printer drivers.
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