How to Connect a Wireless HP Printer?

Hi, I have bought a wireless HP printer, But now when i am trying to use this printer. It's not working, Please help what should i do to print doc?

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Answer - 1

Connect HP Printer Through WiFi :

You can easily perform the printing tasks by installing a wireless printer in your workplace. All the computer systems in your office can get connected to a single wireless printer. Prior to installing a wireless HP printer in your workroom, you should already have a Wi-Fi installed in your office. At least one system in your office must be connected to the Wi-Fi.

Wireless setup printer of HP is presently available on all the latest models of HP printer. The printer will detect Wi-Fi network automatically. It will direct you to configure the network connection of wireless printer. Any computer that is connected to a wireless network can use the HP printer after the installation of the HP printer drivers.

Step 1: You must check that your internet router is turned on and is in a working condition.

Step 2: After that, Turn your wireless HP printer on.

Step 3: Go to the arrow key of your touchscreen. Go to “setup”, then “Network”. After that, move to “Wireless Setup Wizard”. The wizard performs the scanning process to display all the available networks.

Step 4: Select the network name or your service set identifier out of the list.The SSID name of your wireless network distinguishes it from other networks.

Step 5: Now, enter the protected access key of the wireless network through the use of the touchscreen keyboard. After that, select done. The WPA and WEP security protocols give protection through the encryption of the data transferred. If you are not aware of your WPA or WEP key, then you must check the labels on your router’s back. Also, take a look at the documentations that came with the router.

Step 6: After that, press OK for confirming the settings of your network. Then, your printer will finally connect to the wireless network.

Step 7: Now, install the HP printer software on every system that is going to the use the wireless HP printer. Go to the main website of HP for downloading the drivers or you can also use the CD for the installation purpose. The softwares will assist you throughout the procedure of installing HP printer. This will successfully connect your printer to the computer system.

Tip: HP printers can easily be installed on any of the computer systems by using the native software of Windows. All you have to do is to go to the Start menu and click on devices and printers and then click on “Add a printer” in a Window that opens up after that.

Then, you need to follow all the instructions appearing on the screen. Only the systems, which have installed printer-interface software of HP from the disc or the main website will receive administrative and low-ink alerts and the rest will only perform the printing tasks.

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Answer - 2

Conect Wireless HP Printer:

Connecting Wireless HP Printer :

Technology has changed a lot from last decade, almost all devices are being portable and wireless. Printing technology is also no far behind in advancement and has evolved through various phases. HP, one of the key giants in printing device producer has also wireless HP printer in its store.

Let us understand to connect wireless HP printer to wifi devices.

Basic Setup or Pre-requirements for Connecting to HP Wireless Printer:

  • Unbox the wireless HP printer and bring out all attachments such as user manuals, cartridges, foam page on scanner and page tray.
  • Remove stickers from cartridges and plug the one end of power cord in socket and another end to wireless HP printer.
  • Complete all basic set up such as alignment setting up of language, time and other options on HP wireless printer touch display.
  • Tap on finish set up and you will see pop up displaying operations available as shown below:

Connection of HP wireless Printers having displays

1. Wireless Setup Wizard

This option is available on the control panel of display as shown below:

The Wireless Setup Wizard provides a list of wireless networks in the area. Select your wireless network and HP wireless Printer should confirm your connection once connected as in picture below:

Now tap the home icon and install the printer software by installing through CD provided or online on hp website and selecting online mode. Once software is installed give your IP address and model of your printer. Now you are ready for your printout from HP wireless printer.

2. (WPS) WIFI Protected Setup:

It comprises of two methods for connecting wireless HP printer.

  • WPS push button method
  • WPS Pin mode

WPS Push Button Mode:

Ensure that both printer and WIFI router both have WPS push button.

On display panel wireless setting menu, press wi-fi protected set up and select Push button mode and press start.

Press WPS push button on router and let them connect and you will see signal as network connected.

HP WPS Pin Mode:

Wireless association can likewise be setup by HP printer WPS Pin mode, for the most part in the situations when switch giving WIFI is found to not have a WPS push button.

In Wi-Fi secured setup, simply select "PIN" and enter the key that or eight-digit secret key that you need to set up for your system.

The printer will give a PIN code that comes as a test print showing the key which will be configured into the router.

Connection of HP wireless Printers not having displays:

USB Setup of Wireless:

Printers without a touch display can utilise this wireless setup method during the printer software installation.

Following are the Requirement for This Procedure:

  • Wireless network
  • Network name
  • Wireless password
  • A computer with installed printer using a USB cable
  1. Click devices setup and software on your HP wizard installed in laptop or PC

2. Click convert a USB connected to wireless device:

3. Allow network set up to access your wireless setting and add it to printer automatically or you can also select no for entering manually.

Confirm your network set up and click next:

Network set up applies wireless setting to printer, installs network driver and connects printer to wireless network.

4. Disconnect the USB cable from HP printer and then computer, by this step temporary files are removed and printing can be resumed using converted connection.

Hence by above methods you can connect HP printer to Wifi.

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