How to Fix Lexmark Printer Displays Error Code 919.224?

Lexmark MX910de, from power outages, the printer displays 919,224. Invalid Engine Code. Help me please.

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Answer - 1

Lexmark Printer Error Code 919 -

Lexmark Error Code 919 when a 3000-sheet High capacity tray is installed. The 919 error removal is possibly caused by a bent pin or loose connection between the 3000-sheet option to the 2500-sheet or the 2x500-sheet tray options.

There are Some Steps You Need to Follow to Resolve the Lexmark Printer Error Code 919 are Given Below:

Step 1: First You need to make sure the packaging materials used in the option tray are all removed, especially if the error appeared only after installing the 3000-sheet High capacity tray.

Step 2: You need to make sure that the cable are properly connected to the engine controller board and controller board.

Step 3: If the option tray is cleared of any packaging materials, then you need to inspect the connectors on both the 3000-sheet High Capacity tray and the 2500-sheet or 2x500-sheet tray options.

(3000-sheet High capacity tray connector)

(2 x 500-sheet tray connector)

Step 4: Make sure that both connectors have no bent pins or anything that would cause a connection obstruction.

Step 5: Check the engine controller board pins for damage and replace if necessary. See "Engine controller board removal".

By following the above steps you can resolve the Lexmark Printer Displays Error Code 919.224.

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