Hp Photosmart Printer is Offline. How to Get it Online

Hello, I have a Hp photosmart printer at home. I have been using it for almost about 8 months without any problem as such. Recently, I got my Windows PC updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Since the update, my Hp Photosmart printer has been offline. I tried rebooting it but the problem remains. Is it because of the update? or is there some issue with my printer?

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Answer - 1

How to Get HP Photosmart Printer Online -

  1. First of all, you have to connect HP Photosmart printer to power outlet instead of connecting it to the multi-plug box.
  2. Perform a hard reset on your printer but confirm one thing i.e., perform the hard reset after removing ink cartridges, power cables, and other ethernet cables.
  3. After this, switch your printer back on and then plug all cables properly and also reinsert ink cartridges.
  4. Once your printer is ready to print, just print a test page to confirm that it is working fine or not.
    Also, check copy function if it is functioning properly or not. If copy function is working then you should understand that there does not exist issues with printer’s hardware.
  5. Before proceeding to print your actual document, I suggest you reinstall HP printer software on your system for a hassle-free printing experience.

Follow these below-given steps to uninstall HP printer software from your operating system -

  1. From the Control Panel, you have to open “Programs & Features”.
  2. After this, you have to highlight the name of your HP printer and then choose the “Uninstall” option.
  3. Then open “Devices & Printers” menu on your operating system.
  4. Press right click on HP printer and then choose the option “Remove printer”.
  5.  Close all opened windows and restart your HP printer along with the operating system.
  6. Now, you can download HP printer’s software from the manufacturer’s site:
  7. Install the downloaded software and then check your HP printer is functioning well or not.

Hopefully, all steps helped you in resolving your printer issues. In case you have doubts and queries regarding your printer than drop a message at . We  will provide you best solution via our experts.

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Answer - 2

HP Photosmart Printer Offline -

HP is a world famous brands for its wide variety and range of products it manufactures for different user base. Among all such products, printers are quite famous. People buy these printing machines to print hard copy of their important documentations and files. These machines are very complex in its builts and are assembled with different hardware devices.

Due to limited knowledge of people about its working, they find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest of issues. We at HP Printer Support forum receives hundreds of queries from worried customers regarding their printer problems. We with the help of our experienced printer engineers provide efficient troubleshooting assistance as well as complete software solutions.

Among all the queries we receive, one common query which stand out from the rest is regarding the HP photosmart printer showing offline. I will discuss a detailed description about how to troubleshoot this issue in the following section. Kindly go through it to remove the problem. You can also post your queries on our HP Printer Support Forum.

We provide detailed steps and pictorial solution to printer problems with the help of our printer engineers. So visit the forum whenever in need of technical help and resolve your issues on your own.

How to Make your HP Photosmart printer online: A solution by HP Printer Forum:

There could be various reasons for your HP photosmart printer offline error. I will discuss detailed instructions on how to resolve this issue. Kindly go through it carefully to resolve your HP photosmart printer offline problem. In case you have any other queries regarding your HP printer then visit our HP Printer Support forum to get detailed answers to most complex printer problems.

1. Check Your Wireless Connection:

In order to make sure your printer works perfectly fine with your home network, make sure you have a good wifi router with constant internet connection. Make sure your Hp Photosmart printer is connected to wifi and your router has internet connectivity.

Note: If you don't know how to connect HP Printer wirelessly? Know more...!!!

2. Make Sure Your Printer is Set as Default Printer:

If you are using your HP Photosmart printer on a regular basis, then make sure you have added it as your default printer. Otherwise chances are it won’t recognize your network or computer. So always, make your printer as default.

3. Check the Sleep time:

Generally, due to long hours on un-activeness, these printing machines go into the sleep mode. So once your printer has gone to sleep mode, it won’t respond to any signal or network unless it is brought to live mode. If you feel your Sleep mode time duration is small, change it from your printer’s settings to keep it awake for long working hours.

4. Update Your HP Photosmart Printer Driver and Firmware:

Drivers and Firmware are software programs, installed on your printer, to control different functionalities of hardware components. These software programs like any other software program tends to get out-dated, expired or corrupt over the course of use. So head over to your vendor’s official website and search your device by model number.

Then, go to its subsequent Download section and download all latest available drivers and Firmware onto your device. Install these drivers onto your device and see if that made any changes.

Note: If you don't know that how to uninstall and reinstall  printer's drivers then Click Here for more information visit at HP official Website: httpss://

5. Reset HP Photosmart Printer:

If any of the mentioned steps above, did not help you resolve the HP Photosmart offline problem issues, then chances are there might be some internal software glitch. In these cases it is recommended to reset your printing device to Factory settings to wipe out any software interferences in case of change of settings.

These are some of the HP Photosmart printers troubleshooting techniques to help you get your HP Photosmart printer to online mode. Hopefully, these techniques helped you resolve your problem at earliest. In case if you have any other HP printer related queries or issues then, visit our HP Printer forum for complete detailed solutions to most complicated printing problems.

The steps ana mannerism of writing along with the pictures will surely help you troubleshoot your printer problems on your own. These answers are reviewed by our team of printing engineers before making online. The questioner can get their issues sorted out within 24 hours of their posting the question. So what are you waiting for visit our HP Printer forum first and find the answers to your problem before proceeding on to other alternatives?

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